Manchebo Buses

While not geared for tourists, buses are a great way to move around Manchebo

The vibrantly painted buses that make the rounds in Manchebo make guests feel welcome and keep spirits high. Although many have complained that the public transportation here is overpriced, there are plenty of perks that make it worth the price.

Buses operate on a full schedule Monday through Saturday, and offer limited services on Sundays. Happily, they are known for keeping to their schedules as much as possible. No bus is infallible, though, so you may find there are times when you'll wait up to five minutes passed the scheduled time for the bus to arrive. Keep this in mind if you're using the bus to get to a scheduled appointment and plan accordingly. Once on the bus, you'll notice the driver will signal with a whistle each time they approach a stop. If you need to get off, push the button on the wall to let the driver know. Otherwise, he or she may keep on driving if they don't see a potential passenger waiting at the bus stop.

The chart below includes a typical bus schedule. Make note that Bus 1 and Bus 8 both offer trips between the airport and the main bus terminal about every half an hour, so you could potentially use buses from the moment you arrive on the island, through to when you leave. Other popular destinations include shopping centers, hotels, and beaches. The main bus stop is in the center of Oranjestad, which is about 10 minutes away from Manchebo, on Lloyd G Smith Boulevard. The bus does not run to Arikok National Wildlife Park, and you'll be able to confirm that the bus goes to your desired destination by checking the map posted at the bus stop. To confirm you are getting on the right bus, check the listing on the front of the bus, or ask the driver.

The price of riding the bus in Manchebo is considered to be steep by most at $2.30(USD) per person each time you get on the bus. The cost is necessary to keep up the high standards of the system, which features clean buses and reliable drivers. Additionally, this price is still cheaper than hailing a cab or renting a car in the end.

Is riding the bus in Manchebo worth the expense to you? This is something you'll have to consider as you begin planning your trip to this tropical destination. Having learned all that you can about local ground transportation, you'll be better prepared to make the decision.


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