Natural Attractions in Manchebo

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Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you hope to enjoy more of your vacation outside? You may be pleased to know the area has several nature preserves nearby.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a nature preserve found within the vicinity of Palm Beach, 1.6 mi. Northeast of central Manchebo. The only activity that Bubali Bird Sanctuary offers is bird-watching. Just beware, if you do not go around dusk or dawn, you are unlikely to see much.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Manchebo
Name Type Location Island
Bubali Bird Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.6 mi. Northeast of Central Manchebo Aruba


Fontein Caves

Although most visitors are drawn by the beaches, that isn't the only way to experience the natural beauty of the land. Areas near Manchebo some interesting options, including 3 caves.

You might enjoy a visit to Fontein Caves, which is located 11.0 mi. East of central Manchebo. This cave is located near the Boca Prins on the northern side of Aruba.

A second attraction worth considering is Guadirikiri Caves. It is found 11.7 mi. East-Southeast of central Manchebo. Located on the property of the Arikok National Park, Guadirikiri Caves are fabled to be the spot where two lovers burst through the rocks to create the two domed entrances, and flew to heaven. Though fascinating, many guests find it hard to believe that this dark and gritty spot is the site of anything so romantic.

The chart right below has some key facts regarding caves.

Caves Near Manchebo
Name Type Location
Fontein Caves Cave 11.0 mi. East of Central Manchebo
Guadirikiri Caves Cave 11.7 mi. East-Southeast of Central Manchebo
Tunnel of Love Cave 12.2 mi. East-Southeast of Central Manchebo


Vacationers can spend some time in one of the many parks nearby.

The parks you'll be able to find are shown here:

Parks Near Manchebo
Name Type Location
Natural Bridge Park 7.1 mi. East of Central Manchebo
Noord Mountain Park Park Sabana Lider, 3.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Manchebo
Park Curazon Park 4.1 mi. East of Central Manchebo
Signature Park Park 1.9 mi. North-Northeast of Central Manchebo
Wilhelmina Park Park 2.5 mi. Southeast of Central Manchebo

Zoos and Aquariums

Aruba Ostrich Adventures

If the thought of spending some time surrounded by animals tickles your fancy, consider visiting The Butterfly Farm. Several hundred exotic butterflies from around the world make their homes in the controlled environment that is Aruba's Butterfly Farm. Take the 20 to 25 minute guided tour to learn all about the butterflies.

Another similar attraction is Aruba Ostrich Adventures. In addition to simply seeing the large birds, visitors to the Aruba Ostrich Adventure will be able to feed them as well, helping create a once in a lifetime experience. There are also eight other types of animals on property, all working together to create a fun, interactive, and educational experience.

Check the table just below for more information about what's available.

Zoos Near Manchebo
Name Type Location
Aruba Ostrich Adventures Zoo 5.8 mi. East of Central Manchebo
The Butterfly Farm Zoo 1.9 mi. North-Northeast of Central Manchebo

Of course, Manchebo is home to other attractions. To learn more about other attractions for Manchebo, visit this page.


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