Snorkeling Around Manchebo

Manchebo is an excellent destination for snorkelers because so many great spots are easily accessible right from the beach.  This means if you have your own equipment you can pull it out and take a glimpse at what's beneath the surface of the sea at any time.  

This area of the island encourages people with motorized watersports equipment to go elsewhere, which makes it ideal for snorkelers. There are plenty of tour operators who are willing to show their guests where the best sites to see are, so if you are still honing your skills, you'll still have the opportunity to go underwater exploring.  Many tour guides will take you out to offshore snorkeling destinations, but no matter where you end up, the water is typically crystal clear which means great visibility at greater depths.  

Most snorkelers want to know what types of sea creatures they'll encounter in the area.  While it will vary day to day, typically it is barracudas, sting rays, eagle rays, and other brightly colored reef fish that make their home here. Perhaps more important than what you'll see when you visit these waters is what you'll experience.  Snorkelers are often drawn by the escape that clear waters and awe-inspiring sites offer to them, but in order to achieve this you need just the right kinds of conditions.

Aruba has been known for its rather rough waters and windy coditions.  Although this mostly pertains to the island's east coast, it is still important that you survey the area you plan to snorkel to determine if it is safe.  If you have any doubt, or see one too many large waves, don't take any chances.  If you are not confident in your ability to make this decision, one of the tours mentioned here may be ideal for you.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you'd like to explore what's down below you might enjoy Renaissance Island. The main draw to this private island is not the snorkeling opportunities, but it is certainly a perk. The rock barrier can be rough, so avoid it, but the adult beach has some great snorkeling right from the shore. This snorkeling site is found easily reached by taxi Southeast of central Manchebo.

The chart below provides more information about 2 of the most popular locations to experience snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Manchebo
Site Location
Renaissance Island 3.5 mi. Southeast of Central Manchebo
Barcadera Reef 5.9 mi. Southeast of Central Manchebo

Snorkeling Boat Trips

Some people believe the best snorkeling is accessed away from the shore.

If you're ready to go snorkeling during a boating adventure, you might want to check with Blue Melody Sailing. Sail around the lagoon, sunbathe, do a little snorkeling, and simply relax when you sign up for one of two daily small group trips. They also offer private and customized sailing charters and rent out snorkeling equipment for those who will not be sailing with them.

Glance through this table to find out more about the opportunity to take a boat ride that includes snorkeling.

Day Sails and Boat Trips In Manchebo
Name Type Phone Location Island
Blue Melody Sailing Boating and Day-Sailing Provider (297) 593-1554 0.8 mi. North-Northeast of Central Manchebo Aruba

Snorkeling Services

If you're looking for a business offering snorkel rentals, excursions, or similar services, you might want to contact Blue Melody Snorkeling Rentals. Offering small group trips, this operator treats its guests to snacks and drinks while they sail to the snorkeling spot. There, they will anchor the boat and turn off the engine so you can enjoy peace and quite as you snorkel and swim in the lagoon of Catalina Bay. They are located in northern Manchebo.

Another place catering to snorkelers is Aqua Windies Snorkeling. What began as a hobby is now one of the top watersports operators on the island. If the crystal clear waters that surround Aruba are calling your name, get in touch with Aqua Windies to book a snorkeling trip with one of their knowledgeable guides.

A third option is Red Sail Sports Shop. You can rent a snorkeling vest, mask and snorkel, and fins on a daily basis. They have a wide selection of equipment so it should be no problem to get the right fit and brand that you prefer. They're located in Palm Beach, a short distance away North-Northeast of central Manchebo.

Some details about 4 companies that provide snorkeling services are shown below.

Snorkeling Services In And Around Manchebo
Name Phone Location
Aqua Windies Snorkeling (297) 583-5669 0.5 mi. Northeast of Central Manchebo
Aruba Watersports Center (297) 586-6613 2.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central Manchebo
Blue Melody Snorkeling Rentals (297) 593-1554 0.8 mi. North-Northeast of Central Manchebo
Red Sail Sports Shop (297) 586-1603 2.4 mi. North-Northeast of Central Manchebo

For more information about snorkeling, including useful tips and suggestions for both "old pros" and beginners, check out our exhaustive Caribbean snorkeling article.

The waters of Manchebo promote the sport of snorkeling with their great visibility and abundance of friendly sea life. If you've never been snorkeling before, this is a great place to start, and if you have participating in this activity that is both peaceful and exciting all at once, no convincing is necessary – you're probably already making room in your schedule to go again. 


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