Buses in Mandeville

As you consider your transportation options for Mandeville, the bus is probably an option that will cross your  mind.  Unfortunately, it is not really a feasible option for travel in the city.  Don't count the bus out yet, because there is still a possibility it will work for you.

The public bus system does not run within city limits; however you can take a mini bus from some of the larger cities on Jamaica into Mandeville. 

Taking the mini bus to Mandeville is a great option if your top priority is saving money, but if comfort is important to you, it may not be a great choice. The trip only costs between $1.50 and $2(USD); however the buses are crowded and almost always lack air conditioning. Be prepared to pay in cash with small bills in currency. Minibuses only accept Jamaican Dollars, and rarely make change. 

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Knutsford Express Southern Route Knutsford Express Kingston Terminal Savanna la Mar Knutsford Express Bus Terminal, Knutsford Express Mandeville Terminal, Luana Knutsford Express Knutsford Express Negril Terminal

Keep this information in mind as you plan your transportation in Mandeville.  There are a few instances when the bus may just work for you, and since it is such a great money saver, it is not to be overlooked.


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