Mandeville Car Rentals

Get in and buckle up – you're in for a wild ride as you travel to Mandeville

If you have the ability to remain focused under pressure, you are not the type to fall victim to road rage, and absolutely must have a car available to you when you are vacationing in Mandeville, then you may be able to rent a vehicle without much trouble. Local road conditions and aggressive drivers, however, make the task a difficult one.

Renting a Car

With the nearest airport to Mandeville being just over two hour away in Montego Bayy, many tourists feel it is in their best interest to rent a car and drive to their accommodations. In this case, you will likely rent your car near the airport, but you also have the option of hiring an airport transfer service and picking up your vehicle when you arrive in town.

Check out this table which lists the few area rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Escape Car Rental (876) 962-5895 22 Ward Avenue - Mandeville
Hemisphere Car Rental (876) 962-1921 51 Manchester Road - Mandeville
Mack D's Auto Sales & Rentals (876) 996-9514 Cross Roads Main Street - Annotto Bay

You'll need to be at least 25, yet younger than 75 to rent a vehicle here, plus have been in possession of your driver's license for more than one year. Your final requirement will be to bring a credit card with a large available balance on it for the rental agency to hold as your deposit. Contact them to find out exactly how much you'll need.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Most vehicle makes and models are available, though compact cars are popular because many roads are narrow. Those with the desire to explore should aim for a vehicle with good suspension and four wheel drive. You can expect to spend anywhere from $35 to $250(USD) a day, plus additional fees for extra amenities, insurance, and the Value Added Tax (V.A.T). Call your preferred agency for a specific quote.

Gas Stations

The two airports nearest Mandeville are near equal distance apart, and the trip will take approximately two hours from either Montego Bay or Kingston. This is a great first introduction into what driving is like in Jamaica. If you're arriving from Montego Bay you'll be taking the A2 most of the way, while the A4 gets you there from Kingston. These roads are both highways that connect Jamaica's largest cities. They are also the best roads on the island, kept up more than any of the others for smooth passage. Still, they remain riddled with pot holes and lacking in very many street signs or traffic signals.

Outside of the major highways, Jamaica has another set of roadways known as the B-system. There are 15 of them, and they offer connection between some of the island's more rural towns. These roads tend to be windy, narrow, and even less cared for than the main roads.

Gasoline stations in the area are luckily quite plentiful. Be sure to check the chart just below to see where some of the companies are located. the table

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Alicia's Petcom Service Station (876) 964-4298 Savoy Cres - Mandeville
Bird George Shell Service Station (876) 962-2754 Corner Main Street & Caledonia Road - Mandeville
Foster's Shell Service Station (876) 962-3200 25 Main Street - Mandeville
Heaven's Texaco Service Station (876) 625-1942 2 Manchester Road - Mandeville
Kingsland Petcom Service Station (876) 964-6060 Kingsland Spur Tree - Mandeville
Newleigh Texaco Service Station (876) 962-2045 Manchester Road - Mandeville
Phillips Artie Shell Service Station (876) 962-2615 Caledonia Road - Mandeville
Texaco Station -- Mandeville

When you get on the road in Jamaica, you will quickly learn that you will need to drive defensively. A world apart from the friendly, laid back style of the island's people, something happens when they get behind the wheel that turns them into speeding maniacs with little regard for traffic laws, speed limits, and human decency. You'll probably encounter tailgating and a lot of passing.

It may sound scary, but driving in Mandeville can be dangerous and it is best that you arrive prepared to handle anything.


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