Shopping in Mandeville

Mandeville is a destination for relaxation and eco-tourism above all else, but when it comes to shopping there is a local craft center that visitors won't want to miss.  The center is used as a space for local women to create and sell their goods, and visitors will find some great souvenirs in the form of baked goods, embroidered and crocheted items, jewelry, and more. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

Some of the gift and souvenir shops located in Mandeville are provided here:

Gifts and Souvenirs In Mandeville
Name Phone Location
Broadway Jewellery Repairing & Gift Shop (876) 962-1329 Mandeville
Front Porch Craft & Gift Shoppe (876) 961-6918 Mandeville

Specialty Shops

Take a look at the chart below for more information.

Specialty Shops Around Mandeville
Name Type Phone Location
Central Flower Shop Florist (876) 962-1960 Central Mandeville
Creative Jewellers Jewelry Store (876) 961-0377 Mandeville
D Jewellers Jewelry Store (876) 964-3564 Christiana, 8.8 mi. North of Central Mandeville
Mac's Flower Shop Florist (876) 964-2380 Christiana, 8.8 mi. North of Central Mandeville
Moolani Jewellers & Variety Store Jewelry Store (876) 625-5534 Mandeville
Murton Art's Art Gallery (876) 965-8501 Mandeville
New Appearance Jewellry Jewelry Store (876) 962-3097 Mandeville
Silver Screen Jewellery & Electronics Jewelry Store (876) 625-0261 Central Mandeville
Treasure Box Jewellers Jewelry Store (876) 625-6141 Mandeville
Watson's Jewellery & Gift Shop Jewelry Store (876) 625-4191 Mandeville

Clothing and Apparel

Enjoy shopping for clothing? You might want to try Maxie Department Store Mandeville -- which is found within the heart of Mandeville. Every day wear, sports wear, swim wear, business attire, undergarments, accessories, and shoes are all available and easily accessible at Maxie Department Store. Guests will find them at 14 Ward Avenue.

Take a minute to read this table to learn more about apparel shops that you'll find in this area.

Clothing and Apparel In Mandeville
Name Type Phone Location
Brides 'N' Fashion Clothing Store (876) 962-2918 Mandeville
C & G House Fashion Clothing Store (876) 961-5453 Mandeville
Dego Elegant House of Fashion Clothing Store (876) 961-0900 Mandeville
Exquisite Boutique Boutique (876) 961-4512 Mandeville
Fashion Buzz Clothing Store (876) 961-5426 Mandeville
Fashion Statement Boutique Boutique (876) 625-9688 Mandeville
Klothes Shoes & Things Clothing Store (876) 962-9054 Mandeville
Life Style Fashion Clothing Store (876) 962-4466 Central Mandeville
Maxie Department Store Mandeville Department Store (876) 625-0525 Central Mandeville
Newman's Fashion Clothing Store (876) 961-0024 Mandeville
Obsession Footwear Shoe Store (876) 962-9399 Mandeville
Senties Fashion Clothing Store (876) 625-7962 Mandeville
Shadees Fashions & Things Clothing Store (876) 962-0920 Mandeville
Shoes & More Shoe Store (876) 961-1712 Mandeville
Sister Deina's Boutique Boutique (876) 962-9141 Mandeville
The New Foot Locker Shoe Store (876) 961-4140 Mandeville
Tuscany Boutique Boutique (876) 625-7093 Mandeville
Young Ideas Fashion Clothing Store (876) 625-3374 Mandeville

Food and Grocery

Need to pick up some food supplies? Mandeville Liquor Store is located in Mandeville. Stock up on all manner of wine, beer, and spirits for your stay in town at Mandeville Liquot, where their expert staff can help you pick just the right drink for you. Visitors can find them at 4 Villa Road.

You might want to look through the table below if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In Mandeville
Name Type Phone Location
Beverly's Creme N Pastry Bakery (876) 625-4863 Mandeville
Brumalia Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 962-2537 Mandeville
Charley's Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 625-3489 Mandeville
Flakey Krust Patties & Pastries Bakery (876) 962-3995 Mandeville
G&W Mini Mart Grocery Store (876) 603-2389 Mandeville
Grand Market Food Store Grocery Store (876) 962-0368 Mandeville
Holsum Bakery Bakery (876) 962-2049 Mandeville
Mandeville Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (876) 625-6900 Mandeville
Mandeville S-Mart Grocery Store (876) 625-4785 Mandeville
Moo Penn Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 625-4333 Mandeville
Top Loaf Bake Shops Bakery (876) 962-1611 Mandeville
Urvill's Shop 'N' Save Grocery Store (876) 962-2879 Mandeville
Urvill's Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 961-3004 Mandeville

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