What's Located Around Le Soleil Levant

Nearby Beaches

Travelers staying in this area of Marie-Galante usually enjoy a visit to one of their stunning beaches. There are bound to be nearby beaches that you will enjoy.

The personalities of each coastal spot on Marie-Galante will affect your experience. The following table displays the options located near Le Soleil Levant. Click the names below to learn about amenities and other details:

Beaches Near Le Soleil Levant
Beach Distance Direction Location
Petite-Anse 0.4 S 31.6 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre
Anse Taliseronde 2.8 NE 30.9 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre
Anse Feuillard 3.2 NE 30.6 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre

Petite-Anse is closest to the guest house. Because this beach is located a quarter mile to the south of this guest house, you won't have to travel far to enjoy the sun and surf. Soak up some sun on the beach or head out to deeper waters for a magnificent scuba diving excursion. Scuba trips depart from the shores three times each day. Stay comfortable at here all day if you choose, since there are nearby public restrooms.

If you're interested in a beach where you can have a private family outing away from the crowds, Anse Taliseronde might be worth a visit. Hidden away along the secluded Marie Galante coast, Anse Taliseronde is the place to go when you are looking for an escape. Make no mistake, this is a natural beach, without any services to speak of. It's located just a small interval away.

Nearby Areas

Travelers who are interested in finding out more about what's located nearby might want to find out how far—or near—the adjacent town or city is from their accommodations. Le Soleil Levant is located on the island of Marie-Galante, 6.0 miles east of Grand-Bourg; it is 31.4 miles to the southeast of Pointe A Pitre.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of Le Soleil Levant.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Grand-Bourg, Marie-Galante 6.0 W
Saint Louis, Marie-Galante 7.5 NW
Terre-de-Haut 24.0 W
Grand-Ilet 24.7 W
Ilet a Cabrit 24.8 W
downtown St. Francois, Grande-Terre 25.0 N
Capesterre, Basse-Terre 25.1 WNW
Saint-Francois, Grande-Terre 25.2 N
Ste. Anne, Grande-Terre 25.3 NNW

Nearby Attractions

Visitors who crave an exciting itinerary during their trip to Marie-Galante will find that Le Soleil Levant makes an excellent place to start your daily adventures. Yes, this area has countless opportunities for exploration, such as Rhum Belle Distillery, Jardin de Buckingham, and Distillerie Poisson. The nearest attraction of the three is Rhum Belle Distillery.

When it comes to finding area attractions that are just right for your family, it's best to know all your options, like those listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Le Soleil Levant
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Rhum Belle Distillery Distillery 2.7 NW 28.8 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre
Jardin de Buckingham Botanical Garden -- -- 28.0 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre
Distillerie Poisson Distillery 5.8 W 28.1 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre
Delices de Siblet Sugar Factory Historical Site 6.1 W 27.8 mi. East of Basse Terre
Ecomussee de Marie Galante Museum 5.1 W 29.1 mi. East-Southeast of Basse Terre
Jardin de l'Habitation Murat Botanical Garden 6.0 W Grand-Bourg

If you're looking for a chance to see something a little different, Jardin de Buckingham is an option worth considering. Discover the island's tradition of a garden hike with the Vinbatamarin family as you explore these beautiful and flourishing grounds.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting info about nearby accommodation options is generally a convenient way to get a better feel for the area as whole. Although there are only a handful of other places to stay right around Le Soleil Levant, the quiet surroundings here are what make it a nice choice for travelers looking to find a peaceful destination. On the other hand, you can still locate other accommodation options by traveling a little farther out. Have a look at the following table for complete details about the lodging options that are available in the surrounding area.

Accommodations near Le Soleil Levant
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Résidence Cap Reva 0.3 S 31.5 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre, Marie-Galante
La Rose du Brésil 1.5 SW 31.5 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre, Marie-Galante
Hôtel La Souricière 2.7 SW 31.1 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre, Marie-Galante
Coco Beach Resort 4.4 WSW 30.2 mi. East-Southeast of Basse Terre, Marie-Galante
Hôtel Solédad -- -- Grand-Bourg, Marie-Galante
Village de Menard 8.3 NW 23.2 mi. Southeast of Pointe A Pitre, Marie-Galante

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