Plage de Folle Anse

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Located on the outlying island of Marie Galante, Plage de Folle Anse is known as a beach for simply relaxing. While visitors will be able to play in the sand and on the water, the sun, the view, and the gentle breeze beckons for you to lay down and let go.

Located on the western side of the island of Marie-Galante, 2.1 miles south west of Saint Louis, You might think about stopping by regardless of whether you're staying in the vicinity. It's often said that Plage de Folle Anse is perfect for getting away from vacation stresses, like overly crowded restaurants and attractions. Other nearby beaches you'll come across in Guadeloupe may provide just as many amenities as Plage de Folle Anse, but are usually busier since they're located by some of the most popular tourist areas in town.

How to Access The Beach
When on the island of Marie Galante, simply follow the coastal road D-206. Plage de Folle Anse is located between Anse La Frais and Ansa Ballet.

Amenities and Ambiance

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline.

If you usually like beaches that grant a serene place to escape, then you should enjoy Plage de Folle Anse; it's located in a less urbanized sector of the region.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on the West coast of Marie-Galante; the area hosts attractions such as Delices de Siblet Sugar Factory, which is one of the closest attractions.

To some, museums and beaches may seem an odd combination, but plenty of visitors find that museums like Ecomussee de Marie Galante (located four miles away) offer rare insight into Caribbean life and help visitors understand Guadeloupe's interesting past.

Being able to choose from some activities besides the beach will ensure you won't run low on things to do. The attractions closest to this beach are listed in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Plage de Folle Anse
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Delices de Siblet Sugar Factory Historical Site 2.8 mi. SSE Marie-Galante
Jardin de Buckingham Botanical Garden 3.0 mi. SE Marie-Galante
Distillerie Poisson Distillery 3.1 mi. SE Marie-Galante
Distillerie Poisson Operating Distillery 3.1 mi. SE Marie-Galante
Poterie Au Grés Des Iles Ceramics and Pottery Shop 3.4 mi. SSE Marie-Galante
Jardin de l'Habitation Murat Botanical Garden 3.5 mi. SSE Marie-Galante
Ecomussee de Marie Galante Museum 4.2 mi. SE Marie-Galante
Rhum Belle Distillery Operating Distillery 5.2 mi. E Marie-Galante
Rhum Belle Distillery Distillery 5.2 mi. E Marie-Galante

Cities and Towns

The closest region on Marie-Galante to Plage de Folle Anse is Saint Louis. This interesting part of Marie-Galante is just two miles from the coast, so a trip here doesn't have to take all day. Saint Louis is an interesting area that brings together the quietude of the Caribbean and the urbanization of city life.


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. The beach is not located close to many large hotels, but it's sometimes enjoyed by guests staying at some of the area's smaller options.

You'll find a reasonable selection of hotels within driving distance. A list of the closest choices are displayed in the following list.

Accommodations near Plage de Folle Anse
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Village de Menard 3.3 NNE Cottages
Hôtel Solédad 3.4 SSE Hotel
Coco Beach Resort 5.3 SE Resort


While there aren't many widely-known restaurants nearby, you can still satisfy your hunger, particularly if you're willing to drive or bike a few miles. Le Maria-Galanda is one of the closest eateries, which is just a short distance away.

A few nearby dining options are shown in the following table.

Restaurants near Plage de Folle Anse
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Le Maria-Galanda (059) 097-5056 Creole Informal 2.1 mi. NE
Aux Plaisirs des Marins (059) 097-0811 Creole Very Casual 2.5 mi. NNE
Le Murato (059) 046-0651 Italian Very Casual 3.4 mi. SSE

Other Beaches

Travelers looking for a beach that's right for them will have plenty of other choices on Marie-Galante besides Plage de Folle Anse.

You might also want to visit Anse Chalet, located two and a half miles away.

Guadeloupe has some unforgettable natural wonders to explore, and Plage de Folle Anse is just one of many incredible attractions you can choose from.


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