Sailing and Boating Near Marie Galante

Marie Galante is a top sailing destination in Guadeloupe

South of the two main islands of Guadeloupe is Marie Galante, a much quieter destination that tends to appeal to sailors for exactly that reason.  The more laid back atmosphere is exactly what someone who has been at sea for a few days is looking for, and it helps that this island is an official port of entry.

If you're considering the option of a charter boat, you can reserve one from the following agencies:

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location
Clair de Vent (069) 048-5138 20 Résidence Club Marine - Ste. Anne
Excursion Guadeloupe (069) 074-8057 93 Impasse Du Poisson Chirurgien - Ste. Anne
TAO Charter (059) 088-0517 23 Poirier de Gissac - Ste. Anne


First things first.  If you have any questions as you sail to Marie Galante, you'd do well to contact the Central Office of Maritime Security in the Antilles over VHF Channel 16.  Then, as you sail in to port, have your quarantine flag flying to let officials know that you've not yet been granted clearance.  Only the captain will meet with officials as the others wait behind, presenting a crew list and passports for each person aboard, a list of the ship's stores, clearance papers from your last port of call, and an original copy of the boat's registration.  If this is all in order, you should have no problem officially obtaining entry and being granted permission to cruise throughout the island.  

If you're planning to stay on the island long term, you'll find two great marinas where you can dock, but there are also a few mooring locations to consider as well.

Considering sailing to Marie Galante using your own boat, or a charter from another location? This next chart lists potential docking spots.

Name Location
Grand Bourg Port Marina Grand-Bourg
Marie Galante Marina Marie-Galante

Sailing is a great way to get to Marie Galate, as it is also a pleasurable experience for just a few hours of fun.  If you've got the skills to sail yourself, many who have made the journey before would recommend it.  


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