Marie Galante Transportation

Sailing and driving are the main forms of transportation on Marie Galante

The largest of Guadeloupe's outer islands is Marie Galante, yet it remains a quiet tourist destination that attracts those looking for a more peaceful getaway.  French in style, but wholly Caribbean at the same time, the unique blend allows this island to soar.  Marie Galante is a popular day trip for those staying on the more tourist-driven islands in the chain, and both those staying for a few hours or a few days will need to know which options are available to them with regards to transportation.

Air Travel

If you're planning to fly to your vacation, your first stop will be in Pointe a Pitre at Le Raizet Airport (PTP).  From there, you have the choice of hiring a charter to the smaller airport on Marie Galante, but most people choose to take the ferry, which you can read about below.  Meanwhile, for more information about Marie Galante Air Travel, click air travel


Although the seas can sometimes be rough, Marie Galante is a great sailing destination thanks to its location in the Lower Antilles and the fact that it is an official port of entry for Guadeloupe.  Sailors will find two marinas to choose from and several mooring sites.  Learn all about sailing and boating on Marie Galante here


If you're hoping to cruise to Marie Galante, be on the lookout for lines that sail to Pointe a Pitre on Grande Terre.  When your ship docks here, you'll then be able to take the ferry over to the island, and many ships even offer excursions which will help to ensure their cruisers make it back to the boat on time.  

Rental Cars

Renting a vehicle is a great way to get around Marie Galante, but not everyone wants to get around on four wheels.  It is actually more common to rent a bicycle or a scooter.  The local agencies offer both, so the choice is yours.  Find out more about where you can rent from, how much it will cost, and even what driving conditions are like here


Taxis are available on Marie Galante, though they are not as plentiful as elsewhere in the country.  Seasoned tourists would recommend that you keep this option in mind when necessary, but try and avoid them because the cost is so high.  By reading our guide to Taxis on Marie Galante you'll learn more about the cost and where you can find a cab when in need.


There are two regular buses on Marie Galante every day.  The first brings passengers to Grand Bourg from Capesterre, while the other travels from Grand Bourg to Saint-Louis.  If you'd like to travel elsewhere on the island, you'll have to depend on mini-buses, which are harder to predict.  The cost to ride is 2 Euros, which you pay upon arrival. 


Marie Galante connects via ferry with Pointe a Pitre several times a day.  The trip take between 40 and 60 minutes depending on sailing conditions, and costs 33 Euros.  A 45 minute ride is also available between Marie Galante and Terre de Haut, and during the height of tourist season a ferry ride opens up to and drom Les Saintes. 

Marie Galante may not be one of the two main islands of Guadeloupe, but the transportation options available here are just as plentiful as elsewhere in the country.  However you're hoping to get around, you shouldn't have any trouble making arrangements here.  


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