Map of Beaches in Marigot Bay

1 | Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay's unspoiled lands and marked popularity draw visitors from all over, making it home to many different facilities and accommodations for guests. Enjoy fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and other activities along the shore while at Marigot Bay.

If you are coming from the center of Marigot Bay, go a short distance to the north to locate this beach.

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1 | Marigot Beach

The unspoilt quality at this beach is perfect for a picnic or just relaxing and enjoying the view. This beach should not be confused with the nearby cove at Marigot Bay.

This beach is within traveling distance of Anse La Raye, less than a mile from the center of Marigot Bay.

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This interactive map shows the approximate location of 2 beaches in Marigot Bay.

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Points of Interest Near Marigot Bay
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Marigot Bay Central Marigot Bay
Roseau Bay 0.7 mi. South West of Central Marigot Bay


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