Marigot Bay

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Marigot Bay's unspoiled lands and marked popularity draw visitors from all over, making it home to many different facilities and accommodations for guests. Enjoy fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and other activities along the shore while at Marigot Bay. Yachters flock to Marigot Bay's shores for an incredible mix of tourists and locals to create a casual and elegant environment for guests.

Positioned toward the center of Marigot Bay, this beach is on the North West coast of Saint Lucia. You should consider stopping by even if you aren't staying in the vicinity. Many of the beaches on St. Lucia are quiet and secluded, but at Marigot Bay, you'll find the same sense of serenity, without sacrificing a fun and social atmosphere.

How to Access The Beach
With many docks, boaters will have an easy time arriving here; but if you're coming on land, take La Toc Rd south from Castries. After doing some serious road-winding, take a right on Waterfront, just before the Marigot Secondary School. Follow that all the way to the cove.

Amenities and Ambiance

Marigot Bay is the perfect Caribbean locale, complete with mountain backdrop and cove. This might explain why it attracts visitors from all over the world. The waters are a dazzling bright blue and the palms sway in the cool breezes, but even all that may be overshadowed by the background of St. Lucia's majestic peaks.

The concession stand at this spot is also an option. You might also have the option to order some food from one of the local vendors who typically set up on this shoreline.

Please note that public restrooms are not available, though you may be able to use the facilities at a nearby business. Happily, the off-shore waters are clear enough for snorkeling, so bring your equipment if you're hoping to find some interesting marine life. Yachters flock to Marigot Bay's shores for an incredible mix of tourists and locals to create a casual and elegant environment for guests.

Bear in mind that the region in which Marigot Bay is located is a popular spot, so factor that into your plans.

What's Nearby


Marigot Bay is beautiful natural site, which you'll find on the North West coast of Saint Lucia. It's located near the Marigot Beach Club and any nearby accommodations, which is one of the most conveniently located places to stay near Marigot Bay, despite there not being too many additional attractions in the region.

Cities and Towns

This beach is very close to Marigot, so you can explore the city after your visit to the beach. Marigot is the closest town to Marigot Bay. It is certainly not a bustling region, but it will be a nice day out for those wanting to scope out the local scene.


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, depending on time of day, season, and how full nearby hotel rooms are. This spot is not near many large hotels, but it can attract visitors from smaller lodgings in the area.

Although you won't find many hotels that are within a short car ride, the ones found nearest to the water are shown in the table below.

Accommodations near Marigot Bay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Marigot Beach Club 0.0 mi. NW Villa complex
Marigot Bay Resort 0.2 mi. SE Resort
JJ's Paradise Resort 0.3 mi. ESE Hotel


If you visit the beach around lunchtime you'll have some great cuisine to choose from, and you don't have to go far from these sands. One of the closest places to eat is Marigot Bay Yacht Club. The restaurant serves delicious eclectic cuisine. They're also renowned for their seafood.

The following table provides a list of nearby dining options.

Restaurants near Marigot Bay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Marigot Bay Yacht Club (758) 451-4974 Eclectic Informal 0.0 mi. NW
Doolittle's (758) 451-4974 Caribbean Informal 0.0 mi. NW
Hurricane Hole Bar & Restaurant (758) 451-4357 Caribbean Informal 0.1 mi. SE
The Grill at 14*61 (758) 458-5300 International Informal 0.2 mi. SE
Rum Cave Restaurant (758) 458-5300 Caribbean Informal 0.2 mi. SE
JJ's Mangrove Restaurant (758) 458-3259 Caribbean Informal 0.2 mi. E
Julietta's Restaurant & Bar (758) 458-3224 Caribbean Very Casual 0.4 mi. ESE
The Pitons (866) 830-1617 British, Caribbean, French, Indian Informal 3.0 mi. NNE
Kimonos (758) 452-0381 Asian Fine Dining 3.0 mi. NNE
Soy (866) 830-1617 Asian Informal 3.1 mi. NNE
The Pavillion Sandals (758) 452-0381 Continental Fine Dining 3.1 mi. NNE
La Toc (758) 452-0381 French Fine Dining 3.1 mi. NNE

Other Beaches

Of course, there are lots of other spots along the coast of Saint Lucia, so if Marigot Bay doesn't sound like your type of scene, you have options.

Vacationers may also want to visit Anse Couchon, another favorite sun-spot on St. Lucia. The picture-perfect shores of the exotic Anse Couchon beach provide the perfect escape for a romantic getaway.

St. Lucia has so much to offer, and dropping by Marigot Bay is just one way to appreciate a pretty afternoon.


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