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Located just a few miles away from the St. Lucian Marine Reserve, many tourists arrive in Marigot Bay famished after a long, arduous day of exploring the area's natural attractions. However, the towns quiet, subdued nature means that it isn't congested with shops and restaurants. There are a few to choose from, though all are locally owned, and several are situated on the grounds of resorts.

Caribbean and Local

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For those vacationers who enjoy seeking out interesting new foods that are distinctive to the place they're visiting, Marigot Bay has a handful of genuinely local choices to pick from. Because Caribbean and other similar styles take advantage of elements borrowed from a variety of cultures and culinary techniques, even the pickiest of diners can find something they like at these restaurants. Don't forget to click on the restaurant names to read more information.

Doolittle's is located at Marigot Beach Club and is a local seafood option situated in the heart of Marigot Bay. Friendly service and a magnificent view typify Doolittle's Restaurant and Bar. Located so close to the waters of Marigot Bay that you can see sting rays gliding by, Doolittle's is a well-like eatery at Marigot's Beach Club and Dive Resort. You can contact them at (758) 451-4974.

Hurricane Hole Bar & Restaurant is located at Marigot Bay Resort and has various different dishes to try, including desserts and salads. The restaurant features favorite dishes of St. Lucia, such as fried plantains and saltfish. You can also enjoy curried roti, farmed chicken wings, or a homemade hamburger.

Julietta's Restaurant & Bar: Coconut shrimp is perhaps their most popular menu item, but the catch of the day is always a delight. Call them at (758) 458-3224.

You can use the chart below to get more information on these types of options within the area.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Marigot Bay
Name Location Type Phone Number
Doolittle's Central Marigot Bay Caribbean (758) 451-4974
Hurricane Hole Bar & Restaurant Central Marigot Bay Caribbean (758) 451-4357
JJ's Mangrove Restaurant Central Marigot Bay Caribbean (758) 458-3259
Julietta's Restaurant & Bar 0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot Bay Caribbean (758) 458-3224
Rum Cave Restaurant Central Marigot Bay Caribbean (758) 458-5300

American and Other

Alongside a few recognizable dining options, you will also be able to enjoy some eclectic and International dishes.

Bayside Cafe can be found at Marigot Bay Resort and is a casually themed restaurant located within the heart of Marigot Bay. Bayside Cafe is one spot that transforms as the sun progresses through the sky. In the morning, it is a simple spot to relax with breakfast, lunch time brings out its bistro style, and by dinner it is a pub where you can enjoy comfort food in a friendly setting. If you would like to call ahead, do so at (758) 458-5300.

The Grill at 14*61 is a dining venue you might consider visiting. The Grills serves breakfast by buffet to encourage interaction with the culinary team, while dinner centers around a rotisserie oven and wood burning grill which produces quality prime cuts of meat, locally caught fish, and seafood. Their signature sugar and spice rub enhances the natural flavors that are created when they use the grill.

Marigot Bay Yacht Club: Marigot Bay Yacht Club is popular amongst yachters looking for a little social interaction at their latest por of call. Cols drinks, hearty food, and low prices is the draw here. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before you go, you can do so at (758) 451-4974.

While there are a limited number of such dining options available within Marigot Bay, you are able to get more information about them if you scroll down to the table found below.

American and Other Restaurants in Marigot Bay
Name Location Type Phone Number
Bayside Cafe Central Marigot Bay American (758) 458-5300
Marigot Bay Yacht Club Central Marigot Bay Eclectic (758) 451-4974
The Grill at 14*61 Central Marigot Bay International (758) 458-5300

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