Beaches in Marigot

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When you're visiting Marigot, the recommended course of action is to avoid the Northern beaches. Although they are perfectly acceptable, they are rather drab compared to the beaches to the south, where you'll find the best views and the calmest waters. 

The Area's Beaches

You will find a large selection of beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. Just click on specific names for more detail concerning that section of the coast.

Friar's Bay Beach

Lover's Beach: To get to Lover's Beach, drive towards Friar's Bay and take a left down a dirt road toward the coast rather than crossing the bridge. There you will park your car and follow the tail through the gate.

A second location that beach-goers can consider is Baie Nettle. The flat water here provides the ideal environment for water skiing and tubing. This is also a perfect beach for swimming, because the ocean floor is free of rocks and coral.

Friar's Bay Beach: Ample parking is provided for this beach. There are no access issues, the public is welcome.

The beaches in and around Marigot can be seen in the following table.

Beaches In and Around Marigot
Name Location Coast
Baie Nettle Sandy Ground, 1.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central Marigot South
Baie de Marigot 0.6 mi. South West of Downtown Marigot South
Friar's Bay Beach 1.8 mi. North-Northeast of Central Marigot South
Galisbay 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Marigot North West
Happy Bay 2.2 mi. North-Northeast of Central Marigot South
Kim Sha Beach Simpson Bay, 2.6 mi. South of Central Marigot South-Southwest
Little Bay 2.0 mi. West of Central Marigot North
Lover's Beach 1.2 mi. North of Central Marigot North-Northwest
Simpson Bay Beach Simpson Bay, 2.3 mi. South West of Central Marigot South

Keep in mind that you'll be able to find plenty of other kinds attractions available. Navigate to this article dedicated to even more attractions if you want to discover some more information.


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