Natural Attractions in Marigot

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Extending from the west coast of the island to central hills, Marigot is a trendy area of the island where one might overlook the need to get out and explore more than just the beaches to really appreciate what Mother Nature has created here.  From nearby caves to a nature park which focuses on the bounty of the sea, there is plenty to keep visitor entertained when they are pending time outdoors.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Loterie Farm Nature Reserve

Do you like being under the open sky? You might be happy to find out that the area has a few interesting nature preserves nearby.

Loterie Farm Nature Reserve is a great nature preserve located in Saint Martin, 1.6 mi. East-Northeast of central Marigot. This protected area is the largest on the island and a prime spot for any eco-tourist that find themselves in Saint Martin. The park offers numerous eco-orientated activities that will allow guests to enjoy the more natural side of the island.

Vacationers hoping to locate a another great natural attraction will be interested in seeing sites like Sint Maarten Marine Park. Proud of its aquatic heritage, Sint Maarten has established the entire coast as a protected area, placing restrictions in many of parts. While this does limit what activities you can participate in, it has encouraged marine life to thrive, making Sint Maarten Marine Park a great places for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Glance through the chart below for information concerning nature preserves.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Marigot
Name Type Location
Loterie Farm Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Marigot
Sint Maarten Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.4 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
Sint Maarten Marine Park Eastern End Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.4 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
Sint Maarten Marine Park Western End Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.4 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot


Even though most visitors come for the region's beaches, that isn't the only way to enjoy the area's natural wonders. One such example is Dropsey Bay Cave. It is located 10.8 mi. North-Northeast of central Marigot.

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Guests can also spend some time in either of two parks, as well as a botanical garden nearby.

Emilio Wilson Historic Park is located in Saunders, 2.3 mi. Southeast of central Marigot. Although the Emilio Wilson Park is a traditional park where you can picnic, run, and play, the grounds have also been transformed into a living museum. Reconstructed versions of the slave quarters, an outhouse, a watch house, and a school stand on the grounds, waiting to be explored by history buffs.

Another attraction in this category is Seaside Nature Park. At Seaside Nature Park, guests will be able to hike down trails, swim in at the beach, or even ride horses along the miles of trails and even through the water. Although horseback riding is the main theme of this nature park, hiking, kayaking, camping, and kids birthday parties are options activities as well.

The parks and gardens available are displayed in the following chart.

Parks and Gardens Near Marigot
Name Type Location
Emilio Wilson Historic Park Park Saunders, 2.3 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
Seaside Nature Park Park 3.4 mi. South of Central Marigot
The Butterfly Farm Botanical Garden Orient Bay, 4.2 mi. East of Central Marigot

Zoos and Aquariums

The Butterfly Farm

If the thought of spending part of a day surrounded by animals sounds like fun, you should visit The Butterfly Farm. Explore the beautiful colors of the Saint Martin butterflies and plants at this unique and magical attraction. You will find the enclosed area full of caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies of all sizes.

Zoos Near Marigot
Name Type Location Island/th>
The Butterfly Farm Zoo 4.2 mi. East of Central Marigot the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten

Land Formations

Another idea is to go see some of the more popular area land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Marigot are summarized directly below.

Land Formations In Marigot
Name Type Location
Baie de Marigot Bay 0.5 mi. West of Downtown Marigot
Marigot Bay Bay 0.6 mi. West of Downtown Marigot

Of course, Marigot has other attraction types. To visit our complete guide to other attractions, click this link.


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