Marigot Rental Cars

Say “Yes!” to renting a car in Marigot

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Marigot is one of the destinations in St. Martin where tourists can get by without a rental car, but what fun is that?  The freedom to hop in the car and explore both the French and Dutch sides of the islands is worth the process of seeking out and booking a vehicle for your stay.

Renting a Car

Rental car agencies are easily found at the airports and at the cruise ship terminals on either side of the island.  Most people find it easiest to simply pick up their rental before leaving the airport and drive themselves to their accommodations, keeping the vehicle with them during their stay.  Those who prefer to rent for just a day or so of sightseeing will find there are also a few companies in each town and some of them are even willing to offer to drop of the vehicle at your hotel.  In order to rent in Marigot, you'll need to be at least 25-years-old and have an international driver's license. 

Check out this table which lists the various local vehicle rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Economy Car Rental (059) 087-5083 191 Rue de Hollande - Marigot
Exotic Cars (059) 029-2010 C.O.B. Galisbay - Marigot
Express Rent A Car (059) 087-8759 Agrement - Marigot
Fantastic Car Rental (059) 087-7109 Rue St. James - Marigot
Garage De Concordia (059) 087-5581 Les Villages de St. Martin - Marigot
Golfe Car Rental (059) 051-9481 Golfe Hotel - Downtown Marigot
Julian's Car Rental (059) 087-5600 Marigot
Kangourou (059) 087-7313 Marigot
Lucky's Car Rental (059) 063-0597 Marigot
Omega Car Rental (059) 029-0545 23 St. James Low Town - Marigot
Unity Car Rental (059) 087-3497 Belle Plaine Orleans - Marigot

The Cost of Renting a Car

For the most part, local agencies offer similar price scales on their vehicles.  Rates tend to start at $30(USD) a day for the most basic model without insurance, but including unlimited mileage.  

Driving in Marigot

Most people who have visited and driven around Marigot have reported their experience to be a stress-free one.  Local infrastructure is good, and drivers are friendly and courteous.  Traffic jams do exist in this part of the island and you could experience them in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay if you travel over to the Dutch side of the island, but for the most part you should be able to get around with ease.  Traffic moves on the right side of the road, and roundabouts are common.  Children must ride in the appropriate safety seat, and adults are required to wear seat belts in a moving vehicle as well.  You'll be able to pick up road maps free of charge from the St. Martin Tourist Office if you think this will help you get around.

There are several gas station through Marigot, so you won't have to worry about running out of gas in an unknown area when you're driving around town.  Do be aware, however, that most places only accept cash.  

There is an attractive selection of service stations in and around the area. View the table directly below to better understand your options.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Blue Point Gas (590) 590 21-5179 Galisbay - Downtown Marigot
Gas Station -- Rue de la Hollande - Downtown Marigot
Saint Martin Hydrocarbure (059) 087-5767 La Savane - Downtown Marigot
Texaco-Starmart (059) 029-0033 Rue de Hollande - Downtown Marigot
Trio (059) 087-2805 La Savane - Downtown Marigot

Marigot is one of the destinations in the Caribbean where renting a car is recommendable, and road conditions are good.  If you're considering driving yourself around during your getaway, there are very few reasons that should hold you back. 


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