Creole Cuisine in Marigot

During your visit to St. Martin, expect to happen upon a savory selection of restaurant gems preparing local ingredients. If you have a taste for Creole food in particular, then you will want to visit the restaurants known for these fun flavors. Luckily, you're likely to come across a pretty good variety of places where you can order dishes prepped in this style.

From the pleasant, very casual backdrop at Calmos Cafe to the lovely dinner service at Le Planteur, there's a menu for every visitor and even for a memorable date night.

Take time to preview the several Creole eateries to be found. For each restaurant, you can click its name to see more important info about its ambiance, locale, dress code, and more.

Calmos Cafe

Grand-Case | (059) 029-0185

Calmos Cafe can be found near the heart of Grand-Case. You certainly don't want to pass up Grand-Case for an unforgettable experience with the special: barbecue.

This open air restaurant offers dining right on the beach, or on a picnic bench. Either way, you'll feel the sea breeze and know that there is no more relaxed place to be.

Resto Alfresco

(059) 087-8616

Located 1.6 miles east-northeast of Marigot, Resto Alfresco is on the same premises as Loterie Farm Nature Reserve, and is a viable option worth considering if you're exploring this part of the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten. It's 1.6 miles south of Grand-Case. Fabulously fresh fish and Creole style eats make for a bold combo at this well-liked restaurant.

Restro Alfreso offers a rustic, yet elegant dining space, with a collection of tables set on two levels under a wooden structure with a view of the farm.

Coco Beach

Griselle | (059) 087-3462

Coco Beach

Positioned near the middle of Orient Bay, Coco Beach is a part of Esmeralda Resort, and is a good choice for vacationers thinking about visiting this neighborhood. Fresh fish from St. Martin's coasts and Creole panache are made for each other at this fun eatery.

Set right on the beach, Coco Beach restaurant is a cool, calm spot to enjoy a meal.

le Beach Restaurant

Marigot | +590 (0)590 87 87 00

le Beach Restaurant

Located in the southwestern outskirts of Marigot, le Beach Restaurant is on Baie de Marigot. Speaking of delicious, specialty Creole-inspired cuisine, this possible dining pick eagerly offers their pasta and salads.

The restaurant can easily fit 150 guests in their area, offering both indoor and outdoor seating options. Bright colors and sea decor liven up the space as the servers smile and greet every customer, ready to serve and answer any questions hungry patrons may have during their dining experience.

Le Cottage

Grand-Case | (059) 029-0330

Le Cottage is situated toward the center of Grand-Case. Seafood (of course) and Creole flair are a great pair at this much-loved formal dining option.

French, Creole, and Caribbean flavors work together at Le Cottage to create a menu of some of the most artistic dishes you'll encounter during your time in St. Martin. From the fresh seafood to the foie gras, you'll find every offering is elegant and flavorful.

Creole Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Calmos Cafe Grand-Case, 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot Caribbean, Creole (059) 029-0185
Chez Yvette French Cul de Sac, 3.1 mi. East of Central Marigot Creole (590) 087-3203
Coco Beach Griselle, 4.3 mi. East-Northeast of Central Marigot Creole (059) 087-3462
La Table du Marché Anse Marcel, 4.2 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot Creole (059) 052-3535
Layla's Sandy Ground, 1.5 mi. South West of Central Marigot Creole (059) 051-0093
Le Cottage Grand-Case, 2.8 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot Creole, French (059) 029-0330
Le Planteur 4.7 mi. East of Central Marigot Creole, French (059) 029-5321
Petite Auberge 0.4 mi. South West of Downtown Marigot Creole, French (059) 087-5631
Plantation Cafe Griselle, 4.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central Marigot Creole, French (059) 029-5805
Plongeoir Downtown Marigot Asian, Creole, French (059) 087-9471
Restaurant Les Boucaniers Downtown Marigot Creole, French (059) 029-2175
Resto Alfresco 1.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Marigot Creole, French (059) 087-8616
Saveurs Creoles Downtown Marigot Creole (059) 032-8218
le Beach Restaurant 0.6 mi. South West of Downtown Marigot Creole +590 (0)590 87 87 00

Similar Food

La Villa

When seeking variety that doesn't stray too far, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Tastevin (059) 087-5545 French Grand-Case, 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot
Bacchus 590 87 15 70 French Grand-Case, 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot
Ti Bouchon (069) 064-8464 French Cul De Sac, 4.3 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot
L' Escapade (059) 087-7504 French Grand-Case, 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot
Friar's Bay Beach Cafe 590 49 16 87 French Grand-Case, 2.5 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot
The Dingy Dock Bar & Restaurant (059) 087-4026 American 4.7 mi. East of Central Marigot
La Villa (059) 052-3659 French Grand-Case, 2.8 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot
Bistro Nu (059) 029-6720 French Downtown Marigot
Rancho Del Sol (059) 087-3871 American Jacob Hodge, 3.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central Marigot
Cote Plages (059) 052-4737 French Griselle, 4.4 mi. East of Central Marigot

Sometimes, the most exciting dining options in St. Martin are those you wind up near unexpectedly while trekking the town of your choice. However, jotting down a handful of restaurant possibilities in your daily itinerary, allows you to stay flexible. To find out more regarding the types of food available to you, check out this page.


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