Eclectic Cuisine in Marigot

If you've got a hankering for eclectic food, you might find yourself with a chance to indulge yourself. Though not incredibly abundant, you can still find a few places in St. Martin serving this kind of food.

Your plate will be full of choices, from the fine dining attitude at L'Astrolabe to the simple cafes whose specialties will have you craving more, there's a menu for every type of traveler and every dining expectation.

The following list allows you to preview the small handful of eclectic places you could be curious about while vacationing nearby. For each restaurant, you can click its name to read the full article about its ambiance, locale, dress code, and more.


Griselle | (059) 087-3636

L'Astrolabe, part of Esmeralda Resort, can be found in Griselle, along the northwestern outskirts of Orient Bay. Fresh fish and eclectic flair come together for some great dishes at this much-loved fine dining establishment. L'Astrolabe Restaurant offers diners an eclectic menu that is known mainly for its tasty breakfast options. The skilled chefs take their traditional French style and mixes it with international ingredients to create their tasty and unique dishes.

Main A La Pate

Downtown Marigot | (590) 087-7119

Set in downtown Marigot, Main A La Pate is located at Marina Royale Hotel, and is a good option for people who are going to be visiting this neighborhood. Seafood (of course) and eclectic flair both share the spotlight at this much-loved fine dining establishment. Despite the French name, you can also find Caribbean fare at Main A La Pate. The specialty here, in fact, is a seafood dish called La Palette Caraïbes.

Le Village

Downtown Marigot | (059) 052-4573

Positioned in downtown Marigot, Le Village is a logical choice for you to consider if you're visiting this neighborhood or nearby. Determined not to be a "stale" choice, not only does this place offer eclectic food and hamburgers, but they're also known for putting out great pizza. Diners coming to Le Village will be tempted with a menu offering a little bit of everything from hamburgers and sandwiches to pizza. Guests will also be able to choose more traditional dishes like seafood platters and meat entrees.

Sometimes, the most satisfying cuisines in St. Martin are those that you run into while walking around during the day. However, noting at least a couple nice-looking restaurants in your agenda, is encouraged even for flexible travelers. To read much more regarding the types of food available to you, check out this page.


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