Snorkeling Around Marigot

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Snorkeling is a favorite pastime throughout the Caribbean, and even though Marigot is not necessarily listed as one of the top destinations for the sport, it still offers greater underwater sites than most of the rest of the world.

The beauty of the water is what draws most visitors to attempt to snorkel.  Bright blue and crystal clear, snorkelers generally enjoy visibility of between 60 and 100 or more feet deep.  Visibility is best in the winter months when the water is colder, but temperatures very rarely dip below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so you'll still enjoy pleasurable conditions no matter when you visit.

While you can pick almost any beach in Marigot to snorkel from, most agree that it is the offshore reefs that offer the most diversity of sea life and all around greater experience.  You can reach these sites by charting a sail boat for a few hours or heading out with a dive group or a tour that specializes in snorkeling.

Snorkeling Sites

If you're looking forward to seeing what's below the surface you should consider a visit to Baie Aux Cayes. After swimming through two arches and into a hole, you'll find a healthy reef system filled with tropical fish, hawksbill turtles, various corals, and more. The reef goes about 25 feet deep and is known as perhaps the richest natural reef that is accessible from the shore. This snorkeling site is situated in Baie Rouge, a short distance away West of central Marigot.

Baie Maria is another snorkeling spot you might enjoy. Old coral skeletons cover the floor of these waters, and juvenile fish swim in and out of all the little holes looking for food and shelter. Rock outcroppings here are covered with new, healthy corals and sponges, but keep an eye out for and steer clear of black sea urchins.

A third location to consider is Molly Smith Point. Right along the coast in about three to 15 feet of water is where you'll find the best snorkeling here. It consists of rocks and coral filled with tiny, vibrantly colored fish swimming about.

A fourth place where you can go snorkeling is Grande-Case Beach. Although there is no coral reef here at this beach, it can be a great place for some light snorkeling thanks to the calm waters. Withing the sea grass patches and sea weed gatherings you might have a chance to see eagle rays, trunkfish, and cowfish. If you're interested, you'll find this site located in Grand-Case, easily reached by taxi Northeast of central Marigot.

Friar's Bay Beach is a fifth option to consider. This calm beach is great for snorkeling with children and an outcropping of rocks is home to several juvenile species of fish.

The following table provides you with some details concerning 5 of the best places where you can experience snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Marigot
Site Location
Friar's Bay Beach 1.8 mi. North of Central Marigot
Baie Aux Cayes Baie Rouge, 2.2 mi. West of Central Marigot
Baie Maria 2.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Marigot
Molly Smith Point 2.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central Marigot
Grande-Case Beach Grand-Case, 2.6 mi. Northeast of Central Marigot

Snorkeling Services

Ocean Explorers

If you're looking for a business offering snorkeling excursions, rentals, or other services, you might want to check with Ocean Explorers. The shop has a variety of gear for everyone to rent on hand in a variety of sizes and styles. They are located in Simpson Bay, a short distance away South-Southwest of central Marigot.

Another place catering to snorkelers is Sea Dolphin. Guests staying at the Le Flamboyant Hotel and Resort have access to this dive center, which also offers a daily snorkeling trip.

A third place to consider is The Scuba Shop. Snorkel rentals include the snorkel, fin set and a quality mask, plus a snorkel vest. If you sign up for a tour, your gear is included in the price. They offer several different options for tours, including an afternoon trip to Little Bay or Creole Rock, plus a full day trip to Prickly Pear Cays that includes an open bar on the boat and a barbecue lunch. They're located within Simpson Bay, easily reached by taxi South of central Marigot.

Some details concerning 3 companies that offer snorkeling related services are summarized in the following chart.

Snorkeling Services Near Marigot
Name Type Phone Location
Ocean Explorers Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (721) 544-5252 Simpson Bay, 2.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central Marigot
Sea Dolphin Snorkeling Tour Operator (059) 087-6072 Baie Nettle, 1.9 mi. West-Southwest of Central Marigot
The Scuba Shop Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (059) 087-4801 Simpson Bay, 2.3 mi. South of Central Marigot

For more information about snorkeling, including tips and suggestions for beginners and "pros" read this comprehensive discussion of snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Making sure you find time to snorkel during your trip to Marigot is a must.  Not only are the conditions favorable, but the ambiance is peaceful, and the sites are amazing.  What more can you ask for in an activity during your tropical getaway?


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