Marsh Harbour Ferries

Marsh Harbour is the home base of one of the most important ferry services in the Abacos

Marsh Harbour is home to the most popularly used airport in the Abacos, which means that tourists will usually touchdown in Marsh Harbour then have to make their way to their final destination on either islands, perhaps on Elbow Cay. There are also a few other ferry services that connect this town with the rest of the Bahamas, and if you'll be staying here, you'll want to know about them all.

Mail Boats

Mail Boats are the government operated ferry service that travels amongst most of the islands in the Bahamas. These boats began as mail and freight hauling services, but locals quickly realized they had an easy way to get between the islands by hopping on board, and very quickly passenger serves were added. Over the years, the boats evolved to include comfortable passenger seating, and even cater to passengers possibly more so than anything else. Unfortunately, the boats move slowly due to their size and weight, but the trade off is the cheap price.

Mail Boats make regular stops at Marsh Harbour as well as other islands in the Abacos including Green Turtle Cay, Sandy Point, and Moore's Island in addition to New Providence, Acklins, Andros, the Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, the Exumas, Grand Bahama, Harbour Island, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, and San Salvador.

Fast Ferries

Fast Ferries are another ferry service that reach out to the Abacos, and connect them not only with one another, but other islands in the Bahamas as well. The Fast Ferries cover many of the same areas as Mail Boats, yet do so in a faster manner and at a higher price.

Albury's Ferries

Albury's Ferries is an important name for Marsh Harbour tourists to be aware of. This ferry service only offers transport between the islands in the Abacos, and mainly for people who fly into Marsh Harbour International Airport with plans to stay on other islands. Albury's has been in operation for nearly 50 years, and connects Marsh Harbour to Man-of-War, Hope Town, Great Guana Cay, and Scotland with 12 fiberglass donnies on trips that take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Familiarize yourself with the choices for water transportation below.

Ferry Docks
Name Phone Location
Abaco Ferry (242) 367-3277 Marsh Harbour
Albury Ferry Dock (242) 367-0290 Marsh Harbour
Albury's Marsh Harbour Dock -- Marsh Harbour

Because ferries are such an important source of transportation in the Abacos, it is important to keep them in mind as you plan your getaway. You may find yourself sailing around the isles more often than you think.

Ferry Routes, Marsh Harbour
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Abaco Albury's Marsh Harbour Dock Albury's Ferry Scotland Cay Dock Albury's Ferry Service several times per day
Abaco Albury's Marsh Harbour Dock Albury's Man-O-War Ferry Dock Albury's Ferry Service several times per day
Elbow Cay Albury's Marsh Harbour Dock Lower Public Dock Albury's Ferry Service several times per day
Great Guana Cay Albury's Marsh Harbour Dock Albury's Guana Dock Albury's Ferry Service several times per day

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