Marsh Harbour Taxis

Taxis are easy to find and easy to use in Marsh Harbour

Taxis are a great option for tourists who don't feel comfortable driving themselves around in a foreign country or don't want to deal with the expense and care that comes with renting a car. In Marsh Harbour especially, this service is great because many local attractions are so near one another that doing a lot of driving won't always be necessary.

Taxi Companies

Taxis aren't available everywhere in the Abacos, but Marsh Harbour is one spot where they shine. This is one of the most tourist-centered towns in the whole of the island group, so taxi drivers know that this is the place to be to pick up the most passengers on a regular basis. You'll find them near the airport and the ferry dock, as well as driving up and down Bay Street most often; however, if you're in a place where there are no taxis around, you can call one of the local services listed in the chart below to come pick you up.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The rates for taxis in Marsh Harbour have been set in advance by the government. There is an base rate of $3 for two passengers, plus an extra $3(USD) for every additional body. After that, you'll pay $0.40(USD) per quarter mile driven. At these rates, it costs about $12(USD) for two people to get from the airport to most major hotels. Note that children under the age of five ride for free with a paying adult.

Keep in mind that you may encounter some additional fees, such as $0.30 for each minute you ask a taxi driver to wait on you while you run an errand, and between $0.75 and $1(USD) for every bag you need to store in the trunk (after the first two that you can store for free).

The following chart shows typical taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around Marsh Harbour
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 65.64 Marsh Harbour Abaco National Park
$ 39.24 Marsh Harbour Treasure Cay Beach
$ 6.92 Marsh Harbour International Airport Marsh Harbour
$ 8.52 Marsh Harbour International Airport Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour
$ 4.04 Albury Ferry Dock None
$ 7.56 Marsh Harbour International Airport Snappas Grill & Chill
$ 8.52 Albury Ferry Dock Dundas Town
$ 4.04 Albury Ferry Dock Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour

Island Tours

Local taxi drivers can also serve as your tour guide around Marsh Harbour and even the rest of Great Abaco. To do this, you can hire your driver by the hour for $45 for five guests, plus $22.50(USD) for each half an hour after that. Keep an eye out for the "Bahamashost" decal on the front window of the taxi. This means your driver has been certified by the Ministry of Tourism in transportation and hospitality, and is recognized for their great tour-giving skills.

Taxi services on Marsh Harbour are known for their friendliness and dependability, so if you're thinking of using taxis as your main source of transportation on the island, you'll be in good hands.


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