Transportation Options for Marsh Harbour

Transportation to and around Marsh Harbour is easy to come by

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Thanks to an airport, ferry dock, and numerous marinas, Marsh Harbour serves as the gateway to the Abacos. Most tourists will stop here at least for a few moments before transferring to their final destination in this island group, and many more will stay on for their whole vacation.

Getting There

Getting to Marsh Harbour means traveling either by air or by sea, and which option you choose depends on many factors including how much time you have to spend traveling, your knowledge of sailing, and which option you feel most comfortable pursuing.

Getting Around

When it comes to getting around in the Abacos, most islands are so small that only golf carts are needed. In this, Marsh Harbour stands out because rental cars, taxis, and buses are all available, as are ferries.

Air Travel

Marsh Harbour International Airport is the main airport in the Abacos. Most tourists who fly to this group in the Bahamas will first land here, then transfer to another smaller island either by smaller plane, by ferry, or aboard a chartered sailboat. Marsh Harbour International Airport is not a large airport by any means, but it does the job, and is currently undergoing renovations so that it will accommodated the projected increase in tourism over the next few years.

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...plenty of things to do...


Sailing to Marsh Harbour from the United States can be done in less than a day. As such, it is a popular destination for sailors and some larger charter boats. Additionally, since Marsh Harbour is a port of entry for the Bahamas, international travelers can take care of all the customs and immigration paperwork here.

Once you do arrive, there is plenty of things to do out on the water. You actually might be surprised at how many excursions and charters are available from this location – making a top destination for divers and fishers.

Rental Cars

Even though the legal driving age in the Bahamas is 17, you'll have to be at least 21 and usually 25 in order to rent a vehicle on the island. If you are of age, the first thing you'll need to know about getting behind the wheel is that although said wheel is located on the left side of the road as in the United States, traffic moves on the left side of the road like in Europe. You'll find more tips about driving around in Marsh Harbour here.


In Marsh Harbour, you'll easily find taxis near the airport and the ferry docks, as tourists often arrive at the airport and head that way in order to sail to a nearby island. For those staying in Marsh Harbour, it may be helpful to know the phone numbers of local agencies who can come pick you up and get you from place to place when you're out and about and can't find a driver on the street.

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Almost all of the main ferry services touch Marsh Harbour on one trip or another, including Mail Boats and the Bahamas Fast Ferries, but the most important ferry service to this area is Albury's Ferry Service. This ferry company has been in operation for nearly a decade and only served the Abacos, transferring tourists and locals between the islands. Learn more about all ferry services in the Bahamas by clicking here.

Of all the places in the Abacos, if you're staying in Marsh Habour, you'll have more direct transportation options than anywhere else. Take the time to go through and review them all before booking anything, that way you ensure you have chosen the best option for your getaway.


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