Martinique Hotels with 2 Stars

2 Star Martinique

Without a doubt, there are many lodging choices in Martinique, from cozy hideaways to luxury suites. The properties listed here have a rating of 2 or 1.5 stars. While they're not decked out with giant rooms or costly amenities, their modest but high quality facilities are perfect for most families.

For those visitors who seek a quality place to stay that doesn't include pricey amenities, hotels with 1.5 or 2 stars could be the perfect fit. However, their affordable price tags are not the only perk that makes them worth looking into. Some of Martinique's visitors prefer the more genuine and personal experience that isn't always present at some of the larger, more expensive places.

Our star ratings were developed using information gathered from a few different sources. They are based on data provided by industry sources, personnel interviews, as well as hotel websites -- which help us evaluate what you can expect before you select a property. Viewing information about the properties below is easy. They're listed alphabetically beginning with the Diamant Bleu. Just click on one of the hotels and you will be taken to a page dedicated to the details of the options it has in store.

2 Star Hotels on Martinique
Hotel Name Location Tennis Court
Diamant Bleu Downtown Diamant, Martinique
Hôtel Le Manguier 5.2 mi. East-Southeast of Sainte Marie, Martinique

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