Martinique Hotels with 2 Stars

2 Star Martinique

There are plenty of accommodation types in Martinique, from cozy hideaways to luxury suites. The options listed on this page have a rating of 1.5 or 2 stars. Though at these hotels you probably won't find plush suites and expensive extras, these modest but well-appointed properties are just right for most travelers.

For those travelers who want a nice experience without those extra, expensive frills, these hotels offer a good starting point. However, affordability is not the only reason that they're worth checking out. Many people would rather have the more authentic feel that you can't always find at some of the pricier properties.

These ratings were developed from multiple sources. This includes data obtained from industry sources, personnel interviews, as well as hotel websites -- letting you know what you should expect before you select a property. Seeing more information about the hotels below is a breeze. They are ordered alphabetically starting with the Diamant Bleu. Just click on any hotel and you will be taken to a page dedicated to the details of the opportunities and amenities available.

2 Star Hotels on Martinique
Hotel Name Location Tennis Court
Diamant Bleu Downtown Diamant, Martinique
Hôtel Le Manguier 5.2 mi. East-Southeast of Sainte Marie, Martinique

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