Martinique Hotels with 2 Stars

Two Star Martinique

There are several different lodging choices in Martinique, from cozy cottages to large and lavish resorts. Those listed below have been given 1.5 or 2 stars. Though at these hotels you probably won't find flashy decor or luxurious features, these quality hotels draw in most types of visitors.

For travelers who seek a quality place to stay that doesn't include pricey amenities, these hotels offer a good starting point. But, their affordability is not the only perk that makes them worth checking out. Lots of travelers would rather have the more laid-back vibe that you don't always find at some of the fancier resorts.

Our star ratings were developed from a few different sources. This includes data provided by industry sources, hotel, personnel interviews, and hotel websites, helping you to know what you're in for before you select a property. Seeing more information about the following properties is simple. They're ordered in alphabetical order, starting with the Diamant Bleu. Just click the name of a property and you will be taken to a page dedicated to the details of the options it has in store.

2 Star Hotels on Martinique
Hotel Name Location Tennis Court
Diamant Bleu Downtown Diamant, Martinique
Hôtel Le Manguier 5.2 mi. East-Southeast of Sainte Marie, Martinique

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