Martinique Hotels with 4 Stars

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Four Star Martinique

There are so many different accommodation types in Martinique, from quaint cottages to gorgeous resort suites. Those listed on this page have been given a rating of 4 or 3.5 stars. These properties include some of the best service, which means unique and pampering surprises at every turn.

Luxe decor and furnishings, coupled with famously perfect service, are just a few of the reasons that guests are in love with Martinique's upscale hotels. With all the opportunities and indulgences you expect from a hotel with 3.5 or 4 stars, these properties make for one amazing getaway of a lifetime.

Each of the properties on our site have been given ratings that were created from a few different sources. They are based on data provided by industry sources, hotel, personnel interviews, and hotel websites, which help us evaluate what you can expect before you select a property. Learning more about the properties below is easy. They're ordered alphabetically beginning with the French Coco. Just click the name of a hotel and you can view detailed pages about what it has to offer.

4 Star Hotels on Martinique
Hotel Name Location Tennis Court Swimming Pool
French Coco 5.7 mi. East of Sainte Marie, Martinique
Hotel Bakoua Martinique Pointe du Bout, Martinique
Hotel Bambou The vicinity of Trois Ilets, Martinique
Hotel La Pagerie The vicinity of Trois Ilets, Martinique
Hotel Simon Downtown Forte de France, Martinique
Karibea Le Squash Hotel 3.5 mi. East of Trois Ilets, Martinique

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