The Best Accommodations for Nightlife on Martinique

Hotels on Martinique with Outstanding Nightlife and Entertainment

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Martinique offers a unique tropical setting and plenty to do by day, but don't miss their upbeat nighttime entertainment either. Whether you're hoping to find a lively lounge or somewhere to discover local music, you'll find lots to do in the evening, particularly if you choose a property where they offer bars, shows, and more.

Hotels included in the lists below are definitely worth considering if you love Martinique's relaxing afternoons, but want an exciting nightlife too. Some offer one of a kind on-site amenities, while others are great for guests who want to be within walking distance of many venues.

Best Hotels on Martinique for Nightlife

Hotels and resorts in the following table have been recognized for their above par entertainment and nightlife, or for being near popular late-night venues. Beginning with our top pick, the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek, the very best are listed at the top; their rankings consider a number of features, including the hotels' on-site and nearby bars, lounges, live entertainment, and more.

Considering that everyone loves a good live performance, we've listed the availability of entertainment frequency at the hotels. Bear in mind, however, that hotels on Martinique are known to host entertainment more frequently during the tourist season, so be sure to call or email the hotel for more information if live shows are already written on your agenda.

Best Overall
Property Location Number of Bars Lounge/Club Live Entertainment
Club Med Buccaneer's Creek 9.8 mi. East of Diamant 3 check
Hotel Carayou Pointe du Bout 2 check check
Diamant Bleu Downtown Diamant 0 check
Club Trois Ilets The vicinity of Trois Ilets 1 check check
Hotel La Pagerie The vicinity of Trois Ilets 2 check
Le Domaine St. Aubin 1.1 mi. Southeast of Sainte Marie 0 check

Click on the resort or hotel that appeals to you and you'll find pages dedicated to different aspects of that property. Each one has a different idea about what it takes to relax and let loose. Our detailed pages let you know all aspects of the property before you ever arrive.

Hotels on Martinique with Notable Nearby Nightlife

When the sun goes down and everyone heads out for the night, you might appreciate a hotel or resort that's located near hangouts like bars and clubs. While these properties might not have the most hopping nightlife scenes of their own, they are right in the middle of neighborhoods full of choices. So when you're wondering how to get the party started, maybe by socializing at a bar or simply gazing at the sunset over the water these properties are within a 10-minute walk or just a few miles of many exciting choices.

Click on their names to view details about the hotels and resorts below, and all the fun options they're near, like restaurants, activities, and landmarks.

Best for Nearby Nightlife
Property Location Accommodation Type Bars Within Walking Distance Bars Within Short Driving Distance
Karibea La Valmeniere Hotel 2.9 mi. East of Fort de France Hotel 1 1
Hotel Simon Downtown Forte de France Hotel 1 1
Hotel La Caravelle 5.8 mi. East of Sainte Marie Lodge 2 2
La Dunette Sainte-Anne Hotel 1 4
Frégate Bleue 11.8 mi. East-Northeast of Trois Ilets Hotel 1 2
French Coco 5.7 mi. East of Sainte Marie Hotel 2 2

You may also want to browse other articles in our guide. You could learn something about Martinique, and other topics. After all, your trip involves so much more than just discos and live music. You'll want to spend your days - and nights - at a property that has just the right mix of amenities, and is found in a part of town you'll love.


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