Baie des Anglais

Tucked way in one of the most natural and pretty areas of Martinique, Baie des Anglais is a good distance from any form of civilization. Visitors here will be able to explore the expanse of coast and hiking trails that make this a hikers and eco-tourist's beach of choice.

Located on the island of Martinique, 2.9 miles east-southeast of Sainte-Anne, You might want to drop by regardless of whether you're staying nearby. Baie des Anglais is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it's perfect for getting away from vacation stresses, like overly crowded restaurants and attractions. Other nearby beaches on Martinique may provide just as many amenities as Baie des Anglais, but are usually busier since they're located by some of the most popular tourist areas in town.

How to Access The Beach
Part of its remotness means it can be hard to get to. Guests will be able to drive and park on a dirt road called "Petit Sable", but then will have to walk about half a mile to get to the beach. The only way to avoid this is if you take a boat.

Amenities and Ambiance

Surrounded by nature and isolated from any kind of development, Baie des Anglais is one of the untouched beaches that are scattered on Martinique. With clear and calm waters and plenty of room to move about, the beach offers a full day of playing, exploring, and relaxing.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline.

If you usually favor beaches which offer visitors a calm experience, then you may want to try Baie des Anglais; it is back in a less urbanized section of Martinique.

What's Nearby


Baie des Anglais is on Martinique's South East coast. Savane des Pétrifications is one of a few local attractions.

Historic attractions, including Trois Rivieres Historic Distillery, offer a great compliment to the natural beauty of Baie des Anglais, and they give vacationers the chance to learn more about Martinique, without straying too far from the coastline.

The beach is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's plenty else to see during your stay. The following table contains attractions that are the closest.

Activities and Attractions Near Baie des Anglais
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Savane des Pétrifications Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.1 SW Martinique
Cabrits Lighthouse Lighthouse 2.9 SW Martinique
Écomusée de la Martinique Museum 5.4 WNW Martinique
La Mauny Operating Distillery 6.2 NW Martinique
Plantation Trois Rivieres Operating Distillery 6.2 NW Martinique

Cities and Towns

The closest area of Martinique to Baie des Anglais is Sainte-Anne. This destination is just three miles from the coast, so it doesn't have to be a terribly lengthy excursion. This area of Martinique is an interesting area that brings together the quietude of the Caribbean and the urbanization of city life.


The number of other vacationers sharing this coastline can vary widely, depending on everything from the time the sun sets to how many hotel rooms have been booked nearby. This spot is not near many large hotels, but you may see guests staying at some of the smaller accommodations in the area.

You'll find a reasonable selection of lodgings within a car's reach. A list of the closest choices are displayed in the following table.

Accommodations near Baie des Anglais
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Residence de l'Anse Caritan 3.0 W Guest house
Résidence Plages Des Salines 3.0 W Hotel
La Dunette 3.0 W Hotel


If you start getting hungry during your afternoon at the shore, this beach has many nearby restaurants, and you don't have to go far away. One of the closest restaurants is Snack al Dente. The restaurant offers both Caribbean and Creole dishes on the menu. They also specialize in pasta and pizza.

The table below provides a list of nearby dining options.

Restaurants near Baie des Anglais
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Snack al Dente 33 5 96 48 07 54 Caribbean, Creole, Fusion, Italian Very Casual 3.6 mi. NNW
KokOaRum 0596 48 02 21 American, Caribbean Very Casual 3.7 mi. NNW
Rest'ô Café 596 596 74 10 70 American, Creole, French Very Casual 3.7 mi. NNW
Restaurant Ti Toques 05 96 74 72 32 Creole, French Informal 3.8 mi. NNW
Le Zanzibar (059) 674-0846 Creole Very Casual 4.0 mi. NW

Other Beaches

Travelers who are looking for the ideal beach on Martinique will have lots of options besides Baie des Anglais.

If you like the ambiance at this beach, you might also like Pointe du Marin, located a brief car or taxi trip away. If you're on the lookout for more active and social, you might enjoy people watching at Anse Trabaud. It's found less than a mile to the south west.

Travelers may also want to consider Anse Corps de Garde, which is located just a cab ride away.

Baie des Anglais could be the ideal stretch of sand, but it is possible that it may not be the best choice for your family; if so, Martinique offers a variety of beaches for travelers who wish to try elsewhere.


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