Clothing and Attire on Martinique

Packing the right types of clothing is important when going on vacation

Photo credit: © Trent Foley

Clothing on Martinique

While visitors to the island may not be able to match the elegance and chic of the well dressed locals, there are several important climate and social concerns that vacationers should keep in mind when they pack their suitcase.

When traveling to any Caribbean island, travelers should consider their planned itinerary and activities when deciding what to pack. Nearly all travelers will need to be sure to have swimsuits, as well as active wear for any recreational or ecoadventure activities that you may pursue. Going topless at the beach is common, but travelers should follow the local customs being practiced at whatever location they are visiting. Hats and sunglasses can help keep the sun out of your way.


Swimwear, activewear, revealing clothing, and even shorts, however, should be reserved for the beach and should not be worn when shopping, eating or making your way through the city. Dress should be casual but neat, and travelers should pack light fabrics such as linen and cotton that will breath in the Caribbean heat and humidity. Heavier or long sleeve clothing can come in handy should you encounter a cool night or be at a higher altitude.

Dress that is more formal is generally not required on the island, but if travelers know they will conducting business or dining at a fancier restaurant, they should check dress codes and pack accordingly.

Vacationers to Martinique may wish to pack lightly on their way to the island in order to acquire some of the local and European fashions on offer.


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