Getting Through Customs on Martinique

Souvenirs make great collectibles, but they may be taxed upon your return

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Martinique Customs

Most travelers experience little to no hassle when they go through customs on Martinique. There are very few formalities when arriving on the island, but vacationers may want to consider a few important facts when embarking on their island vacation.

Travelers are allowed to bring personal items to the island, like tobacco, cameras, and film without any taxation or formalities. As long as the quantities of these items are brought in moderation, vacationers should have no trouble getting through customs. Also, firearms must be declared at customs, and if you're traveling with pets, you must provide an anti-rabies certificate for cats and dogs.


Travelers may find that when they return home, there may be more formalities to go through than when arriving on Martinique. Citizens of the United States should register high-ticket and foreign-made items such as laptops, watches, and other digital devices, to avoid paying duties on these items. Travelers can also file for a certificate of registration for these kind of items, which can be used on other trips abroad. You may also want to keep sales receipts as proof that you bought the items while in the United States.

Here are the re-entry rules for bringing items into the United States:

  • Travelers 21 years and older are allowed to return up to one liter of alcohol. You can also bring back up to one liter of perfume, 200 cigarettes, 100 non-Cuban cigars;

  • Original works of art, like drawings, paintings, and sculptures, as well as antiques can be brought into the country duty free;

  • Packages can be sent into the country without tax as long as there is a limit of one parcel per addressee per day. Alcohol, perfume, and tobacco products worth more than $5(USD) are cannot be sent;

  • When sending personal belongings home, mark the package "AMERICAN GOODS RETURNED" to avoid duty taxes;

  • Vacationers can send gifts worth up to $100(USD) home as long as you write "UNSOLICITED GIFT" on the package.

Because customs are subject to change, travelers may want to contact any of the agencies below for any entry requirements question:

United States U.S. Customs Service
1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20229
Tel: 877/227-5511
United Kingdom HM Customs & Excise
Tel: 0845/010-9000
Canada Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
Tel: 800/461-9999
Australia Australian Customs Service
Tel: 1300/363-263
New Zealand New Zealand Customs Service
Tel: 04/473-6099

Purchasing trinkets and items to remind you of the wonderful time you spent on Martinique may be a big part of your vacation, but check custom policies to make sure you don't have to pay any unexpected costs.


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