Scuba Diving Near Martinique

One of the main features of Martinique's underwater world is the “Shipwrecks of Saint-Pierre”

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Colorful reef and tropical fish, hidden caves and sunken ships; these are just a few of the things you will find under the sea just off the coast of Martinique. Grab a snorkel or a dive suit, dip your head underwater, and explore the mysterious aquatic world.

Diving vs. Snorkeling


Although the purpose of both diving and snorkeling is to explore what lies bellow the surface of the ocean, and though the activities can often be done in the same locations, diving and snorkeling are each very different sports.

Scuba diving is hands down the most popular type of diving, and occurs when the diver dons a scuba tanks (SCUBA stands for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus”) to dive deep below the water's surface. This aids divers in getting a closer look at the ocean floor, shipwrecks, and reef formations.

Snorkelers can still explore underwater, but they cannot go quite as deep. Instead, the wear goggles, swimfins, and a snorkel (a tube that the snorkeler puts in their mouth, and sticks out of the top of the water, allowing them to breath air in and without drinking in water).

Often times, Martinique's larger resorts offer snorkeling equipment as a perk for staying with them, and others even have diving certification courses in on-property pools. In order to go diving on Martinique, it is required that you have certification, which you can obtain after a day of lessons with a local dive shop.

...take the plunge...


Once you've prepared yourself for the dive, you're ready to take the plunge. If you choose to book a tour with a dive shop expect to spend between EUR 40 and EUR 50.

There are 11 dive services and at least 11 good dive sites in the area.

Dive Operators

Marin Plongee

If you want to go diving, you can check with Marin Plongee. Marin Plongee is a professional and family friendly diving center, and children as young as five years old are welcome to begin their diving hobby. With them you are able to explore beautiful waters where underwater fishing is prohibited. They are located within Le Marin, in southeastern Martinique.

A second option is Espace Plongée. Espace Plongée offers many different types of dives, including dives to vibrant reefs and wrecks filled with vegetation and aquatic life. The specific dive sites are altered by the crew based off of the current state of the sea, time of the year, and your level of diving knowledge and personal preferences. They can be reached at +596 596 66 01 79.

Still another option is Plongée Passion. This scuba diving club is a family-friendly organization ready to train and offer dive excursions to those who are just as mesmerized by the beauties that lie beneath the surface of the seas surrounding Martinique. They're found in the vicinity of Trois Ilets, Martinique.

Take a moment to look through this table to learn more about the area's dive operators.

Dive Operators Near Martinique
Name Phone Location
Alpha Plongee Martinique (059) 648-3034 0.1 mi. South of Central Grand Anse-d'Arlets
Antilles Sub Diamond Rock (059) 676-1065 Downtown Diamant
Boucaniers Diving (059) 663-2064 Sainte-Anne, Southeastern part of Martinique
Calypso Plongee (069) 645-0425 2.1 mi. West of Central Trois Ilets
Corail Club Caraibes (059) 668-3636 5.0 mi. South of Central Fort de France
Espace Plongée +596 596 66 01 79 1.8 mi. Northwest of Central Trois Ilets
Kalinago Centre de Plongee (059) 676-9298 0.5 mi. North of Central Sainte-Anne
Marin Plongee 00 596 (0)6 96 83 13 51 0.2 mi. Southeast of Central Le Marin
Paradis Plongee Diving (069) 634-5616 0.2 mi. East-Southeast of Central Le Marin
Plongée Passion (059) 668-7178 4.6 mi. South of Central Fort de France
Sainte Luce Plongee (069) 676-5869 0.3 mi. East-Northeast of Central Ste. Luce

Dive Sites

Check out the following table for details regarding some of the area's major dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Martinique
Name Quality Experience Max Depth Current Latitude Longitude
Anse Dufour Very Good All Divers 82.0 Negligible 14.5276449777 -61.0904860497
Aquarium Fair All Divers 65.6 Negligible 14.444094649 -60.8870458603
Canyons de Babodie Good Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 196.9 Negligible 14.7657139273 -61.1990833269
Corps de Garde Fair All Divers 65.6 Negligible 14.4623688269 -60.8809518762
Diamond Rock Very Good Rescue / CMAS *** 196.9 < 1 knot 14.4446764722 -61.0396528244
La Perle Very Good All Divers 164.0 < 1 knot 14.8344850047 -61.2248754501
Le Dahlia Poor Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 98.4 < 1 knot 14.74257029 -61.1777973175
Le Roraima Good Rescue / CMAS *** 196.9 -- 14.7431201977 -61.179074049
Nahoon Wreck Good Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 127.7 1-2 knots 14.542877969 -61.0798591375
Sec des Boucaniers Fair All Divers 52.5 Negligible 14.4558445276 -60.8844065614
Theresa Lo Vigo Fair Rescue / CMAS *** 124.7 < 1 knot 14.7362678645 -61.1861658096

For more information about diving, including helpful suggestions and tips skilled divers as well as beginners, check out this comprehensive guide to diving in the Caribbean.

Sites with SIghts

Martinique is one of the Caribbean islands that is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. For divers, this means that there are many numerous, and diverse, underwater habitats to explore.

Snorkelers won't miss out on Martinique, either. The coast is surrounded by beautiful reefs teeming with tropical fish. Some of the top snorkeling spots around the island are on the east coast, and include Anses d'Arlet, Anse Dufour, Anse Mitan, Anse Noire, Cap Chevalier, Pointe du Bout, and Ste-Anne. You can head out on your own and pick a spot that seems pleasing to you, but many of the dive shops offer snorkeling tours, where guides will take you to top spots that are sure to amaze.

Wreck Sites

There are numerous ship and boat wreck sites off the coast of Martinique, many of which sank when Mt. Pele erupted in 1902. To really grasp the enormity of the destruction Mt. Pele's eruption caused, a trip to Mt. Pele is in order. After you've visited the mountain, exploring the wreck sites will be that much more moving. The 14 ships sank by the Mt. Pele eruption are known as the “Shipwrecks of Saint-Pierre” and include the “Diamant,” “Theresa Lo Vigo,” and the “Roraima.”

Most wreck sites are quite deep, or in rough waters, and it is recommended that only experienced divers try and reach them. If you are not sure about the ability level required to reach a dives site you are interested in, contact a local dive operation and ask their advice. Luckily, there are many other coves and reefs that inexperiences divers can explore around Martinique, and the “Raisiner,” once a transportation barge now flipped on its side off the west coast, is one of the few wreck sites accessible by novices.

Sites for more experienced divers include the “Dahlia,” a 1960s wooden boat covered in coral, the “Nahoon” a three-level master schooner than sank in 1994, and the “Westsider” which sank in 2004.


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