Outlets and Voltage on Martinique

Many vacationers will have to purchase electrical transformers to use their appliances

Anatoly Tiplyashin | Dreamstime.com

Martinique Electricity

Everything on Martinique has a French influence, including the island's electricity voltage. Vacationers who are bringing appliances from their home country may need to pack a transformer or converter in order to use electrical items.

The voltage on Martinique is 220 AC and runs on 50 cycles, just like in the French mainland. Also, electrical sockets on the island only take round pins. This may pose a problem for citizens of the United States and Canada, whose electricity has a voltage of 120, and the plugs are usually flat blades. If you are traveling from a North American country and want to use appliances such as hairdryers and irons, you will need to bring a French plug converter and transformer to use your electrical items. Some hotels will provide converters and transformers, but call ahead to make sure.

Many vacationers will have to make an adjustment men using the electrical outlets in the French Martinique, so remember to come prepared with plug converter and transformer.


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