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Martinique Ferries

Ferries are a scenic means of transport in the Caribbean

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Martinique Ferries

For vacationers who can avoid the seasickness, ferries and high speed catamarans provide service to destinations both on Martinique and on the neighboring island of St. Lucia, Dominica, and Guadeloupe.

For travelers who have flown into Lamentin International Airport and are trying to get to their resort location; or for those who have flown into a nearby island and wish to visit Martinique, ferries are an enjoyable way of taking in the sea breeze and blue waters of the Caribbean while getting to a destination on the island.

Ferries run from various locations throughout the islands of Martinique, but guests can be sure that they will always find a ferry leaving for one destination or another in Forte-de-France at a cost of around 6 Euros.   Most ferries are modern and sleek, with covered cabins that include comfortable seating and air conditioning. 

Ferry services provide a relaxing alternative to taxis and planes for both on island and inter-island transport while you are vacationing on Martinique. Enjoy the blue skies and blue waters while you travel to your destination.

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