Food on Martinique

Visitors enjoy the traditional and adventurous cuisine of Martinique

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Food on Martinique

The world class chefs of Martinique, whether carefully arranging a plate presentation, or energetically adding another pinch of Creole spices, know how to satisfy even the most critical of palettes.


Vacationers can find dining experiences ranging from choreographed and elaborate fine dining presentations and service, to relaxed dining, and even fast food. Those who are looking to splash and luxuriate while on Martinique will choose to sample the artful creations of chefs in the island's premier dining spots. Others will choose to dine in more family oriented bistros. Visitors should choose the types of restaurants they feel comfortable with and that suit the type of vacation that they are on.


A three course meal at dinner without wine will generally run at $30(USD) and under. More expensive restaurants will cost $30(USD) to $50(USD) per person, while the most expensive restaurants will exceed $50(USD). Wine and drinks will push these prices higher.

Expect to find about 150 restaurants on the island of Martinique.  Because Fort-de-France and Trois Ilets are the most popular tourist hot spots, you can expect to find the widest array of dining opportunities in these cities; though, if you are looking for the most authentic island cuisine, a trip to the least tourist-y areas on the island will be worth your while.   Hotels are also a great place to dine.  Check out our A to Z: Hotels in Detail page, where you can search for hotels you are interested in staying at to see if they have a restaurant on site.  You'll also find a great compilation of details regarding the hotel itself, and restaurants that are located in the surrounding area.  The Best Hotels for Dining Options page for a listing of accommodations on the island with restaurants on-site.  Also keep in mind that restaurants are not the only places to get mouth-watering meals on Martinique.  Bakeries and supermarket snack bars also serve up delectable salads, deli-style sandwiches, pizza, and more.

Culinary Styles


Visitors to Martinique find that the best influences of both French and Caribbean food have formed a happy partnership on the island, allowing travelers to sample traditional French fare, compelling Creole dishes, and creations that are somewhere in between the two.  Freshly caught seafood often reigns supreme on Martinique, due to the easy access to fertile fishing grounds.  Conch, red snapper, and lobster are popularly prepared dishes that get a little international flare with French and Creole preparation and spices, making dining on these dishes just a little different on Martinique than any of the other Caribbean islands where seafood is also constantly on the menu.  Learn more about how food is prepared by reading our article on Culinary Styles on Martinique.


Guests often find that the gastronomic pleasures that await them on Martinique are best paired with a fine French wine.  This option is available at all of the best French restaurants.  Still, there is no denying the popularity of rum in the Caribbean, and Martinique is no exception.  Mixed drinks allow the islands' beverage of choice to shine, with options including aged, white, and even flavored.

Although prices can be expensive, the cuisine on Martinique is a unique experience that blends cultures and tastes with delectable results.


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