Heli Blue

Heli Blue allows visitors to see Martinique from the sky.

Offerings and Cost

On the Discovery tour flight, you will spend six minutes in the air and see Fort Bay France, Pointe du Bout, Trois Ilets and Golf and L'Anse a l'Ane. The Evasion tour is about 15 minutes and you see Trois Ilets and Golf, Pointe du Bout, L'Anse Noire and Anse Dufour, Les Anses d'Arlet, Point Diamond and Diamond Rock and the Regional Natural Park.

The Cravelle tour allows you to spend 30 minutes in the sky and see the Habitation Clement and Park, Francois, Werewolf and Josephine Bath islets, the Bay Treasury and Caravelle peninsulas, Pitons Carbet, the rain forest and Fort Bay France.

Coral allows you to see the beaches of Anses d'Arlet, the tip of Diamond, Diamond Rock, Bay of Marin, southern beaches, Club Med and the coconut grove there, Salines Beach, Savanna Petrifications, the Atlantic coast and the Barrier Reef, all with only 30 minutes in the air.

The thirty minute Mount Pelee tour lets you see Mangrove, Lamentin, Sainte Marie, sugar cane plantations, banana and pineapple growth, Mount Pelee and the rain forest., St Peter's Bay, the Observatory of Morne Cadet and Bluff Carbet.

The Discovery tour is €34 per person, Evasion is €95 per person and Caravel, Mount Pelee and Coral are €195 per person.

Location and Contact Information

Heli Blue is located near Le Lamentin; it's 4.2 miles to the north-northeast of Trois Ilets.

Location: the vicinity of Forte de France, Martinique

Phone: (059) 666-1080

Secondary Phone: (069) 673-1230

Website: http://www.heliblue.com/

Email: infos@heliblue.com


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