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Nearby Beaches

Les Salines

It's been said that the best attractions on Martinique are the beaches. Nearby beaches will make this area particularly desirable.

The various characteristics of each coastal spot on Martinique can make a difference when it comes to planning your outing. Every one of the options near La Dunette (listed in the following table), has features worth noting. Click on the names below to learn more:

Beaches Near La Dunette
Beach Distance Direction Location
Les Salines 1.4 S 10.5 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Grand Anse 2.2 S 11.3 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Pointe du Marin 2.5 N Le Marin
Anse Trabaud 2.7 SE 12.8 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Grande Terre Beach 2.8 S 11.9 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Anse a Prunes 2.8 SSE 12.2 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Baie des Anglais 3.0 E 13.2 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Cap Chevalier 3.7 E 13.7 mi. East of Diamant
Anse Gros Raisin 3.7 NW Ste. Luce
Anse Corps de Garde 4.9 WNW 5.4 mi. East of Diamant

Les Salines is the one that's nearest to the hotel. Since this beach can be found a mile and a half to the south of this hotel, you won't have to travel far to see it. Relax on the sugary white beaches or jump in the water, Les Salines is one the brightest and warmest beaches on the island. At the far end of Les Salines is a smaller, secluded beach called Petit Anse de Salines.

You may also like nearby Pointe du Marin which offers an active beach scene. The small Pointe du Marin is more of a sightseer's beach than a swimming one. With a rapid drop-off and heavy maritime traffic, this beach is better suited for sitting on the sand and watching the boats than going for a dip. This one is located two and a half miles north of the property.

Nearby Areas

Stopping by a community or town near your hotel can add to the enjoyment of your vacation, whether it's for enjoying a night out in the area, or experiencing the day in the life of a local. La Dunette is located in Sainte-Anne, a town on Martinique; it is ten miles (16 and a half kilometers) to the east-southeast of Diamant.

The areas that are closest to La Dunette are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Le Marin 2.7 N
Ste. Luce 3.7 NW
Riviere-Pilote 3.7 NNW
Trois Rivieres 5.9 WNW
Le Vauclin 8.3 NNE
Riviere Salee 9.0 NW
Saint-Espirit 9.7 NNW
downtown Diamant 10.1 WNW
Diamant 10.2 WNW

Nearby Attractions


Tourists in need of a fun agenda while vacationing on Martinique will find that La Dunette is a good spot to start all their adventures. As a matter of fact, this area is simply full of different attractions to try, like Maison de la Canne, Musée de la Pagerie, and La Savane des Esclaves, to name a few. The closest of the three is Maison de la Canne.

When it comes to keeping the whole group smiling, you'll need to explore all your attraction options, like those shown in the table below.

Attractions Near La Dunette
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Maison de la Canne Museum 12.7 NW Trois Ilets
Musée de la Pagerie Museum 13.2 NW The vicinity of Trois Ilets
La Savane des Esclaves Historical Site 12.5 NW Trois Ilets
Dauphins Martinique Dolphin Encounter Service -- -- Trois Ilets
Mangofil Zip Line Site -- -- Trois Ilets
David Dauphins Dolphin Encounter Service 14.2 NW The vicinity of Trois Ilets
Planete Dauphins Dolphin Encounter Service 14.3 NW The vicinity of Trois Ilets
Habitation Clement Distillery 11.7 N 9.6 mi. East-Northeast of Trois Ilets
Trois Rivieres Historic Distillery Distillery -- -- Trois Rivieres
Cap 110 Monument 11.2 W 1.8 mi. South West of Diamant
Écomusée de la Martinique Museum 2.6 NW 7.9 mi. East of Diamant
Savane des Pétrifications Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.8 SE 12.5 mi. East-Southeast of Diamant
Cabrits Lighthouse Lighthouse 3.1 SSE 12.3 mi. Southeast of Diamant

If you're searching for somewhere interesting to go, La Savane des Esclaves is an alternative worth considering. Unfortunately, Martinique did not escape the horrors of slavery and it shaped the history of the island in a deep and profound way. You can learn all about it at this restored village which traces the path of slavery on Martinique.

Nearby Accommodations

Finding information about nearby hotel booking possibilities is oftentimes a convenient way to get a feel for the area. This portion of Martinique has quite a few additional resort and hotel options, giving readers plenty to think over prior to making a decision. Learn more about all the area's lodging possibilities by checking the following table.

Accommodations near La Dunette
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Résidence Plages Des Salines 0.1 E Sainte-Anne, Martinique
Residence de l'Anse Caritan 0.2 S Sainte-Anne, Martinique
Club Med Buccaneer's Creek 0.9 N 9.8 mi. East of Diamant, Martinique
Brise Marine 3.6 NW Ste. Luce, Martinique
Pierre & Vacances Village de Sainte Luce 4.1 NW Ste. Luce, Martinique
Karibea Resort Sainte Luce 5.1 WNW 5.1 mi. East of Diamant, Martinique
Karibea Corail Residence 5.4 WNW 4.8 mi. East of Diamant, Martinique
Cap Macabou 6.6 NE 13.6 mi. East of Diamant, Martinique
Karibea Le Squash Hotel 9.5 NW 3.5 mi. East of Trois Ilets, Martinique
Diamant Beach 9.7 WNW Diamant, Martinique

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