Can We Talk on Martinique?

On Martinique history has influenced the language and a local creole has come forward

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Languages on Martinique

As a French territory, Martinique speaks French, however, their Caribbean location gives the language an island flair that cannot go unnoticed.

Native French speakers may take some time to acclimate to the local sound on Martinique, where a native creole has sprung up and influenced the language. The French-based creole is a mix of Spanish and African languages, with some English thrown in as well.


Travelers without any knowledge of French may want to be aware that, with a growing influence of English-speaking tourist travel, there are increasing numbers of people in tourist areas who speak some English. However, they are often concentrated in hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related industries, and travel into the countryside shouldn't be attempted without a good map, and perhaps even a phrasebook.

Travelers who would like to try their hand at a bit of the local creole can begin with hello: "sa ou fe." Travelers without a background in French may find English speaking assistance, but they'll likely find assistance more willing to help if they try their hand at a bit of French.

In restaurants most menus are written in French, but often waiters are ready to help travelers in search of something they'll enjoy. It is important, however, to keep in mind that knowing a bit of French is sure to help In Martinique.

While it may be easy enough for vacationers to get by in popular tourist spots, those without any knowledge of French may want to consider a phrasebook for their journey.


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