How to Decide What You Want for your Vacation on Martinique

Planning ahead can help avoid unexpected situations

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When traveling to Martinique, vacationers can expect many things from the island, like lush vegetation and gorgeous flowers, but doing the necessary research before leaving for your island getaway will ensure that you find accommodations in the region of the island that best fits your vacation standards.

The closer you get to your vacation time, the more anxious most travelers become, and imaginations can run rapid. Excitement about your trip can create the feeling of just wanting to be there, but knowing about the make up of the island can greatly affect your choices in where to stay. Researching practical information about Martinique, such as its tropical climate and mountainous geography, will help you decide on which area of the island is right for your ideal vacation.

Which Area

At only 420 square miles, Martinique is a relatively small island, but the area on the island where you stay may be important to the enjoyment of your trip. What kind of qualities are you looking for in your vacation, Some vacationers may want to spend the majority of their vacation lounging on Martinique's beautiful white sand beaches, and being able to walk from their hotel directly to the waterfront would be their ideal accommodations. While others may want to explore the island's rain-forests and other natural attractions, a hotel or resort near the southern part of the island may best fit their vacationing needs.


The island can be split up into three main regions: the northern region, Fort de France, and the southern region. These three different regions all have something unique to offer, and visitors may want to consider what is most important to them when choosing an area of the island to stay in.

The northern part of the island is where Martinique's university campus is located, and has many small villages that are filled with flowers and historical sites. Vacationers who are in search of spectacular views and picturesque scenery will find that the northern area of the island may be best suited for their vacation. While northern Martinique has more small towns and villages, Fort de France is considered the business center of the island. Fort de France is known for its many tourist attractions near Savanna. Vacationers may enjoy spending time at the public gardens or Cathedral St. Louis. South Martinique is full of tiny fishing villages and is a little more industrialized than the rest of the island. Most guests will arrive on this part of the island at Lamentin International Airport.

By understanding the different regions of the island, and the activities and sites they have to offer, travelers can asses their vacationing needs and choose accommodations on the part of the island that will best fit their expectations.

How Will I Get There?

The most common methods of arrival to Martinique are by air and sea. Martinique's modern airport has flights scheduled from several major cities in the United States through major airlines like American Airlines and Air France. When traveling by plane, most flights will have to transfer on one of Martinique's neighboring islands, because direct flights are rare. Luxury cruises are a great way to visit the island, which has its port of entry Fort de France. Usually cruise ship passengers are only able to visit the island shortly on the tour of the Caribbean. Ferries are also available as means of water travel between Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Vacationers should also make plans for what kind of transportation they will need when they arrive on Martinique. If you're going to rent a car, be sure to make reservations in advance. Or if you decide to leave the driving up to someone else, research taxi cab rates and pick up spots.

Planning ahead for your vacation to Martinique can help to alleviate some of the stresses that come with traveling. Researching your destination and making the necessary arrangements that fit your style of vacation can help you enjoy your paradise getaway on Martinique to the fullest.


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