Plage de Cosmy

A narrow strip of sand with a view of the islet of St. Aubin, Plade de Cosmy is a great spot to relax for a day and maybe get in a bit of snorkeling.

Located on the island of Martinique, 1.4 miles north of Trinite, Plage de Cosmy is on the East coast of the island, You might think about stopping by even if you are not staying in the immediate vicinity. Plage de Cosmy stands out because it's the ideal location for escaping the typical tourist haunts. Other nearby beaches on Martinique may have the same pleasing, tropical setting as Plage de Cosmy, but are usually more crowded because they're frequented by tourists looking for a lively scene.

How to Access The Beach
To get to the beach, go up through the main part of the city to the north, then take the small road that follows the coast. You'll find the beach after a few fishermen stalls with parking not far from the shore.

Amenities and Ambiance

Swimming and snorkeling at this beach is nice because the waters are calm, but the white sand lined by coconut palms are also a beauty to behold despite the small amount of land that the beach covers. The beach can get busy on weekends, but during the week it is nice and calm.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site, which is something to consider if you're bringing the kids, or plan to spend all day outside.

If you happen to favor beach days that offer those who visit a peaceful environment, then a good choice for you is Plage de Cosmy; it's back in a less urban part of the region.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on Martinique's East coast. It is near St. James Distillery, which is one of the attractions in the vicinity.

If you want more information on the history of Martinique, there are plenty of places where you can learn first-hand about the country's past. The nearest historical attraction is Habitation Fonds Saint-Jacques, which is one of the closest places of historical significance in the vicinity of Plage de Cosmy.

Beaches are a great attraction to visit, but there will be more options available on Martinique. The table below lists other attractions that are nearby.

Activities and Attractions Near Plage de Cosmy
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
St. James Distillery Operating Distillery 2.2 mi. NW Martinique
St. James Distillery Operating Distillery 2.3 mi. NW Martinique
Musee de la Banane Museum 2.6 mi. WNW Martinique
Nature Reserve of La Caravelle Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.8 mi. E Martinique
Habitation Fonds Saint-Jacques Historical Site 3.9 mi. NW Martinique
Habitation Saint-Etienne Operating Distillery 4.1 mi. SW Martinique
Château Dubuc Historical Site 5.2 mi. E Martinique
Dubuc Castle Historical Site 6.2 mi. E Martinique
Balata Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 10.2 mi. SW Martinique
Route de la Trace Scenic Trail 10.8 mi. SW Martinique
Sante du Morne Cabri Park Park 11.2 mi. SSW Martinique
Foundation Clement Art Gallery 11.5 mi. SSE Martinique

Cities and Towns

Plage de Cosmy is very close to Sainte Marie, so walking the city is a definite option. The nearby town of Sainte Marie is not lacking in exploration opportunities, yet also not overflowing with buildings. From Plage de Cosmy, Sainte Marie is just up the road, about two and a half miles (four kilometers).


Whether this spot is full of bodies or practically empty will depend on if you visit during a popular season, which is often indicated by how busy the hotels are. This beach is not near many large hotels, but you may encounter visitors from the few small lodgings in the area.

Though vacationers will not find that many accommodations in the vicinity, those accommodations closest to the beach can be seen in the table that follows.

Accommodations near Plage de Cosmy
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Le Domaine St. Aubin 1.3 mi. NW Guest house
Hôtel Le Manguier 3.1 mi. E Hotel
La Résidence Goélette 3.6 mi. E Hotel
French Coco 3.8 mi. E Hotel
Hotel La Caravelle 3.9 mi. E Lodge


While this spot isn't close to many restaurants, you'll still have some choices, especially if you're willing to venture a little out of the way. One of the nearest restaurants is Le Colibri Parfumé, which is a delicious choice during or after a day at the beach.

The following table provides a list of places to eat near this beach.

Restaurants near Plage de Cosmy
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Le Colibri Parfumé (059) 669-9195 Creole Fine Dining -- --
Le Ti Punch Coco -- Caribbean Very Casual -- --
Le Point de Vue (059) 669-0522 Creole Informal 2.5 mi. NW
Saint James (059) 669-0733 Caribbean Informal 2.8 mi. NW

Other Beaches

Plage de Cosmy is just one of many beaches you can visit on Martinique.

If you like the ambiance at this beach, you might also like Anse Bonneville, situated a quick car or cab ride away. However, if that's not exactly what you're looking for, Anse Tartane could provide a little more opportunity for excitement, and is closer to nearby attractions. It's located four and a half miles to the east.

You may also want to consider Sainte-Marie Beach, located within a short distance.

Perhaps Plage de Cosmy is the most convenient coastline for you to visit, but some travelers itch to explore more; if so, Martinique offers a variety of beaches for travelers who wish to try elsewhere.


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