Car Rentals on Martinique

Rental cars are an expensive but convenient way to get around

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With so many things to do and and so many wonderful sites to see, many vacationers decide to take to the streets of Martinique so they can explore the magnificent island.


To get around the island, driving is a good option, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time away from your hotel  and exploring attractions in its surrounding areas. Getting a rental car allows travelers to explore Martinique at their own pace, whether they want to visit all of the island's historical sites or cruise from town to town. All you need to rent a car is a valid driver's license from your home country, and you have to be at least 21 years of age.

Renting a Car

The island has several rental car companies located on the island. Travelers should be aware that there have been some complaints about some of the local car rental companies, like mechanical problems with the cars, and some problems with irregular charges on the final bill, so you may want to choose a U.S. based company, or a larger, more well known firm. It should also be noted that many companies default to renting out manual cars, so if you feel more comfortable driving an automatic vehicle, be sure to make your wishes known when you make your reservation.

Review this table that shows the various area vehicle rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis (596) 427-238 4.5 mi. (7.3 km) East of Fort de France
Avis (596) 421-100 Pointe Du Bout - Pointe du Bout
Budget (059) 670-2275 30 Rue Ernest Desproges - Downtown Forte de France
Budget (059) 666-0045 Pointe du Bout
Budget (059) 642-0404 Aimé Césaire Airport - 4.6 mi. (7.3 km) North-Northeast of Trois Ilets
Europcar (059) 642-1688 Aimé Césaire Airport - 4.6 mi. (7.3 km) North-Northeast of Trois Ilets
Europcar (059) 674-1717 Le Marin
Europcar (059) 674-1717 Ste. Luce
Europcar (059) 642-4242 Diamant Beach - 0.5 mi. (0.8 km) East of Diamant
Europcar (059) 666-0429 Pointe du Bout
Europcar (059) 666-0429 Hotel Bakoua Martinique - Pointe du Bout
Europcar (059) 666-0429 The vicinity of Trois Ilets
Europcar (059) 654-8080 Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa - 12.8 mi. (20.5 km) East of Trois Ilets
Europcar (059) 676-5948 Club Med Buccaneer's Creek - 9.8 mi. (15.8 km) East of Diamant
Europcar (059) 676-5948 Sainte-Anne
Europcar (059) 673-3313 28 Rue Ernest Desproge - Downtown Forte de France
Europcar (059) 642-4253 Trinite
Europcar (059) 673-3333 Hotel La Bateliere - 1.7 mi. (2.8 km) West of Fort de France
Excel Car Rental (059) 642-3427 69 Rue Emmanuel Courant - 5.1 mi. (8.2 km) Northeast of Trois Ilets
Hertz (059) 089-2805 Aimé Césaire Airport - 4.6 mi. (7.3 km) North-Northeast of Trois Ilets
Hertz (059) 642-1690 Pointe du Bout
Hertz (059) 642-1690 Ste. Luce
Jumbo Car (059) 642-2222 Aimé Césaire Airport - 4.6 mi. (7.3 km) North-Northeast of Trois Ilets
Jumbo Car (059) 642-2222 Downtown Diamant
Jumbo Car (059) 642-2222 Le Marin
Jumbo Car (059) 642-2222 Sainte-Anne
Jumbo Car (059) 642-2222 Pierre & Vacances Village de Sainte Luce - Ste. Luce
Pop's Car Carbet (059) 678-4040 Le Carbet
Rent a Car (059) 676-8082 Sainte-Anne
Rent a Car (059) 662-2643 6.1 mi. (9.9 km) East of Diamant
Rent a Car (059) 676-1596 Diamant
Rent a Car (059) 666-1155 Pointe du Bout
Rent a Car (059) 642-1699 Aimé Césaire Airport - 4.7 mi. (7.6 km) Northeast of Trois Ilets
Rent a Car (059) 674-7177 Le Marin

Requirements and restrictions can, however, vary. If you are concerned about minimum and maximum age restrictions, insurance requirements and the like, consider contacting each firm directly, before making a final decision.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Whichever rental car company you choose to go with, travelers should expect to pay a value added tax which is 8.5 percent added to the final bill. Also, you will be charged a delivery fee which is about 23€, and there is a charge of about 16€, if you pick the car up.

The following tables provide a general feel for the local rental market. The lowest rates are only available from the least expensive agencies during the off season. The high end of the range is what you might need to pay during the busiest time of year.

Vehicle Rentals, Daily Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Economy Car $ 28.00 $ 59.00
Compact Car $ 30.00 $ 94.00
Mid Size Car $ 34.00 $ 65.00
Light SUV $ 50.00 $ 100.00
Full Size Car $ 50.00 $ 90.00
Standard SUV $ 62.00 $ 135.00
Mini Van $ 85.00 $ 140.00
Vehicle Rentals, Weekly Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Economy Car $ 168.00 $ 415.00
Compact Car $ 175.00 $ 658.00
Mid Size Car $ 240.00 $ 420.00
Full Size Car $ 330.00 $ 535.00
Light SUV $ 335.00 $ 700.00
Standard SUV $ 372.00 $ 945.00
Mini Van $ 605.00 $ 935.00

Driving on Martinique

The great thing about driving on Martinique as opposed to many other Caribbean nations is that the roads are extremely well maintained. The island has an expressway, which allows you to travel a greater distance without having to slowly navigate your way through potentially tricky back roads. The main roads remain well-marked, and are often patrolled by the local police force. Your greatest challenge when driving through Martinique will likely be dealing with rush-hour-traffic in Fort de France.

With so many options, and favorable driving conditions, vacationers are sure to find that renting a car on Martinique is a primo choice.


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