French Cuisine on Martinique

Almost everywhere on Martinique, expect to be impressed by the wide range of places to eat. Guests who already have plans to eat French food will definitely want to check out those restaurants offering this cuisine on the menu. And luckily, guests will have access to quite a broad selection of places where you can order dishes prepped in this style.

With lots to tempt your palate, from the very casual backdrop at Rest'ô Café to the scrumptious dinner and lunch at New Cap, it really is possible to find the dish worth sending a postcard about.

Below, browse the several French restaurants available on Martinique. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to view the full article about its hours, location, and other offerings.

Maximus Restaurant

The vicinity of Forte de France | (069) 638-3383

Maximus Restaurant

Maximus Restaurant can be found in the vicinity of Forte de France, on Martinique; approximately two and a half miles (approximately four and a half kilometers) to the east-northeast of Fort de France. Happily identified by tourists as a casual restaurant, it's perfect for lazy days on the town. <p>Creole and French favorites make up the bulk of the offerings but there are always a few daring recipes to be sampled.</p> <p>RW: The card offers style cuisine Creole and French cuisine, punctuated by a few daring recipes.</p>

New Cap

The vicinity of Diamant | (059) 676-1299

Located in the vicinity of Diamant, near downtown Diamant, New Cap is a logical choice for guests who are going to be visiting this part of Martinique. It is 1.6 miles south west of Diamant. Head on over to the vicinity of Diamant when you're feeling like a knock-out serving of tapas. <p>In addition to a tapas bar, you can also order from a menu of local dishes which includes a lot of seafood and grilled meats.</p>

Le Bistro d'en Face

Trois Ilets | (059) 673-0387


Le Bistro d'en Face is located near the heart of Trois Ilets. Searching for tempting French eats in a friendly, informal setting? Check out the free-and-easy backdrop at this bistro. <p>With an art deco decor, the atmosphere is casual but chic.</p>

La Cave a Vins

Downtown Forte de France | (059) 670-3302

Located near the center of downtown Forte de France, La Cave a Vins is a good option worth considering if you are thinking about going to this neighborhood. Seafood (of course) and French food share the same plate at this informal restaurant. <p>Traditional French cuisine can't be beat when it comes out of this kitchen, where the Chicken Breast with conch stuffing and Foie Gras and mushroom ravioli are the specialties. Each plate is expertly presented and complimented with a glass of wine.</p>

Restaurant Ti Toques

Le Marin | 05 96 74 72 32

Restaurant Ti Toques is situated in Le Marin, a town on Martinique; 10.7 miles to the east of Diamant. Though they're broadly known for French food, this potential favorite eagerly offers their pizza and seafood. <p>The staff work hard to maintain a relaxed, brasserie-style atmosphere while ensuring top quality food and service. Covered outdoor seating is available, and the restaurant can seat around 100 people.</p>

French Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Caramel 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Diamant French (059) 652-0741
La Cave a Vins Downtown Forte de France French (059) 670-3302
Le Bistro d'en Face Trois Ilets, Southern part of Martinique French (059) 673-0387
Le Cap 110 1.8 mi. South West of Central downtown Diamant French (059) 676-1299
Le Laurier Downtown Forte de France French (059) 670-6329
Le Mabouya 2.0 mi. West of Central Ste. Luce French (059) 662-1101
Le Petit Tonneau Downtown Forte de France French, Portuguese (059) 661-1917
Maximus Restaurant The vicinity of Forte de France, Central Martinique French (069) 638-3383
New Cap 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Diamant French (059) 676-1299
Rest'ô Café 0.4 mi. East-Southeast of Central Le Marin American, Creole, French 596 596 74 10 70
Restaurant Ti Toques 0.3 mi. East of Central Le Marin Creole, French 05 96 74 72 32

Similar Food

Le Pitaya

When seeking variety that doesn't stray too far, you might like distinctly different, but still related establishments like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Le Colibri Parfumé (059) 669-9195 Creole Sainte Marie, Northern part of Martinique
Le Bleu Marine (335) 966-1494 ext. 9 Creole 1.8 mi. West of Central Fort de France
Ti Pari (059) 676-4049 Creole Downtown Diamant
Melting Pot (059) 673-6137 Italian Downtown Forte de France
La Pasta d'Alba (059) 658-2653 Italian Downtown Diamant
Il Gallo Rosso (059) 638-7957 Italian Trois Ilets, Southern part of Martinique
La Plage Rouge Caraibes (059) 676-9252 Creole 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Diamant
Chez Carole (059) 606-2883 Creole Downtown Forte de France
Le Jardin Des Envies (069) 910-3400 Creole Trois Ilets, Southern part of Martinique
Le Toucan (059) 674-2588 Creole 0.6 mi. Southeast of Central Le Vauclin

Also, if need even more options for your long visit, try a local specialty like the crepes at Stile Pizza.

Oftentimes, the best cuisines on Martinique are the ones that you run into naturally while walking around during the day. That being said, it's still smart to have a handful of favorites in mind. To read even more about the dining options awaiting you, check out this page.


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