Shopping on Martinique

Luxury French goods are sold on Martinique at excellent prices

Photo credit: © Luc Olivier for the Martinique Tourist Board

A trip to Martinique mixes the best of everything European and Caribbean, all on one island in the middle of the sea. Shopping on Martinique is a great example of this dichotomy, where French products and locally produced goods are the best sellers.

Where to Shop

The best shopping on Martinique can be found in Fort de France, where your shopping experience can be as diverse as you like. Not only are there large malls in the city, but open air markets are popular as well. The best roads to look for shops in Fort-de-France are Rue Antoine Siger, Rue Moreau de Jonnes, Rue Schoelcher, and Rue Victor Hugo. The three open air markets to be on the look out for are Big Market (also known as the Spice Market), Fish Market, and Vegetable Market. At these markets, vendors set up booths to sell everything from spices to fresh produces and seafood, as well as handmade crafts, and more.

For a large concentration of arts and crafts, head to Grand Marche, a market situated between Rue Antoine and Rue Blenac in Fort-de-France, or Place de la Savane, the famed craft market.


Point-du-Bout is another place to find streets lined with boutiques, and a large shopping mall is located in Lamentin. Les Trois Ilets, meanwhile, is a great place to look for the top French fashions. Much of the island's day-to-day shopping is done in Hillsborough, where there are a number of supermarkets.

Specialty Shops

Shoppers on Martinique will find the best in French goods as they hunt through the boutiques on the island. China, crystal, designer clothing, fashion accessories, liquor, perfume, and wine can all be purchased cheaply, and all are high in quality.

One of the popular specialty retailers in the area is Galerie Sophen. They're found within Trois Ilets, Martinique. An art shop which sells watercolors made by Sophie and Henry, Sophen is ideally located right near the pier shuttle -- making it a great spot to pick up a souvenir of the island. Customers can contact them at (059) 666-1364.

Another good option is Foundation Clement, which is located 9.6 mi. (15.5 km) to the east-northeast of Galerie Sophen. In addition to the regular collection which includes not only local artwork, but items of cultural importance, the Foundation hosts several exhibits of regional artists throughout the year. As an added bonus, the foundation oversees a selection of historic buildings which are open to the public. If you would like to call before booking a room, do so at (059) 654-6207.

Centre des Metiers d'Art: The shelves of this shop are lined with local handicrafts that are perfect for visitors to bring home. These include, but are not limited to, jewelry, pottery, shell crafts, woven baskets, painted fabrics, sculpture, and quilts.

Take a minute to read the table just below for specialty shops in this general area.

Specialty Shops On Martinique
Name Type Phone Location
Centre des Metiers d'Art Art Gallery -- Downtown Forte de France
Charles Pottery Ceramics and Pottery Shop (059) 677-8585 1.9 mi. Northeast of Central Ste. Luce
Foundation Clement Art Gallery (059) 654-6207 1.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Le Francois
Galerie Couleurs Locales Art Gallery (059) 668-6554 3.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central downtown Diamant
Galerie Sophen Art Gallery (059) 666-1364 Trois Ilets, Southern part of Martinique

Clothing and Apparel

Looking for some clothing? Consider dropping by Coleaur Ebene -- it's located in downtown Forte de France. The clothing is here is fashionable, but also speaks to a style that speaks to the African culture. Additionally, they sell cosmetics perfect for dark skin tones. You will find them at 13 Rue Garnier Pages.

Another good option is Picadely -- which is located a short distance from Coleaur Ebene. Stop in from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You will find them at 91 Rue Blenac.

Take a look at the table just below for information concerning apparel shops in this area.

Clothing and Apparel On Martinique
Name Type Phone Location
Coleaur Ebene Boutique (059) 660-2129 Downtown Forte de France
Picadely Men's Clothing Store (059) 70-1691 Downtown Forte de France

Food and Grocery

View the following chart for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores On Martinique
Name Type Location
Marche aux Legumes Fruit and Vegetable Market Downtown Forte de France
Marche aux Poissons Fish and Seafood Market Downtown Forte de France

Duties, Taxes, and Tips

The official currency on Martinique, like in France, is the Euro (€). The United States Dollar (USD), is accepted in many stores, however, change may be given in the Euro. Major credit cards and traveler's checks are also widely accepted. A 20 percent discount on luxury items is often offered to visitors with the use of traveler's checks and credit cards.

The typical business hours of a shop on Martinique are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and sometimes for a few hours on Saturday morning. Do not expect to get any shopping done on a Sunday, because most places will be closed.

Whether you spend your shopping hours wandering through a craft market, browsing the racks of a French clothing store, or both, you are sure to find something interesting to take home with you from your trip to Martinique.


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