Wanna Talk on Martinique?

The phone system on Martinique uses only six digits for local numbers

Photo credit: © Outline205 | Dreamstime.com

The phone system to Martinique may seem somewhat complicated at first, but travelers will find it's simpler than it seems.

  • Callers trying to phone Martinique from other countries will need to follow these instructions:

  • Dial the International Access Code (011 in the U.S.);

  • Dial the Area code, 596;

  • Dial 596 again if reaching a home number or dial 696 for a cell phone;

  • Dial the six-digit phone number.


Within Martinique, travelers need only dial 0596 and the six-digit local number. The same is true for those calling from anywhere in Guadeloupe.

To make a call to the U.S. from Martinique travelers will have to dial 001, the area code, and the number. However, there are several other options for travelers making long distance calls.

Calling AT&T, local access number 0-800-99-00-11; MCI, access number 0-800-99-00-19; or Sprint, 0-800-99-00-87 can allow travelers to make long distance calls.

Travelers may also be interested in buying a Télécarte. This can be less expensive than making a long distance phone call via other systems at only 1.75€ per minute to the U.S. - just over $2(USD) at the current exchange rate, but be sure to check this before traveling - but must be used at special books marked Télécom. However, such booths are widely available, with at least 90 booths in the city of Fort-de-France alone.

It's easy to make calls to and from Martinique once you know a little bit about their phone system.


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