How Then Shall We Tip on Martinique?

Service fees make up the majority of hotel and restaurant workers income

Photo credit: © Richard Thomas |

Many people in the service industry make the majority of their income through tips and gratuity. This is true for the people of Martinique as well. Tipping traditionally shows appreciation for a service well done, and it is important for travelers to consider this when planning the budget of their vacation.

The majority of restaurants include a 15 percent service charge on all bills, and hotels on the island generally add 10 percent on the final bill. These charges can be considered a tip for the hotel staff and the restaurant waiter or waitress, but if you feel that you've received excellent service, feel free to tip extra, the staff will more than likely appreciate this gesture a great deal.

Taxi cab drivers may expect a tip, especially for longer trips. If you need a late night cab or need to cab to catch an early morning flight, and are catching a taxi between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. you will be charged an additional 40 percent surcharge on top of the original rate.

Tipping is made easy on Martinique because most places already include their service charges on the final bill, but if you're feeling extra generous and your service was outstanding, you can always tip a little more.


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