Travel Fundamentals for Martinique

While on vacation travelers should remember to mind their Ps and Qs

Photo credit: © Jean & Nathalie

The island of Martinique has come to be a vacationers paradise. Many people come to the island to explore its expansive rainforests and relaxe on one of the beaches. For whatever reason you choose Martinique to be your vacation destination, you are sure to have an unforgettable time.


Traveling to Martinique is almost like going to France and visiting Paris, except you are surrounded by beautiful blue water and lush tropical vegetation. For the majority of people on the island, French culture dominates, and visitors can expect an air of sophistication and style, which is especially true in the capital city of Fort de France. Vacationers may become immersed in the elegance and charm of the island, but at the same time, you should keep in mind that you are visiting someone's home, and treat the local people with the same respect that you would expect in your city. Always ask permission before taking someone's photograph. Most people don't mind taking pictures, but it is better to make sure. As in most cultures, good manners and common courtesy go a long way.



When visiting Martinique, most visitors will enjoy spending the day exploring the historical and natural sites on the island. The islands coastline has numerous white sand beaches , which are all open to the public. Martinique's most famous beaches are found south of Sainte Anne. These picturesque plots are often crowded with sunbathers, and some beaches are topless.

Going deeper into the island, vacationers will find the land to hilly and covered with lush green vegetation. Also, travelers will want to visit Mont Pelee, which had one of the most potent volcanic explosions in 1903 that wiped out an entire town. Vacationing on Martinique is an experience you won't want to miss. This peaceful tropical island is sure to fulfill your wildest island getaway dreams.

Understanding which behaviors are acceptable on Martinique and which are not will go a long way as you traverse the island.  For more tips on common practices on Martinique, choose from our Travel Basics menu to the left.


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