Attractions in Mayagüez

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Although many people visit Mayaguez simply to get away, relax, and do nothing at all, just as many want to pack their days full of sightseeing and their nights full of eating good food, enjoying local entertainment, an basically partying.  Mayaguez offers both type of travelers just what they need with relaxing beaches, a zoo, several landmarks, and even two casinos. 


Cabo Rojo Beaches

You will find an abundance of beaches to enjoy, though they are all located in neighboring areas. Click on each beach name for a detailed guide to that particular stretch of sand.

Cabo Rojo Beaches: The Cabo Rojo beaches can be reached off Bulevar Guanajibo.

Another option to consider is Playa La Playa. Easily reached and away from the crowds, Playa La Playa is a beach of convenience. Without the clear tropical water easily accessed elsewhere on the island, the beach is mainly left to locals and boaters using the on-site boat ramp.

Attractions Map

Corcega Beach: The soft, tan sands of Corcega Beach stretch on seemingly for miles as the beautiful turquoise waters lap the shore. Out at sea there is reef just 50 yards off shore, while back on land a cement boat on a small rock cliff serves as a local landmark.

Nearby areas have plenty of other beach choices. To navigate to our page about beaches, read this article.


If you like to learn about other places and cultures, you might enjoy visiting a museum during your vacation.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Museo Historico de Las Piedras. It is located within San German, 11.4 mi. Southeast of central Mayagüez. Visitors that are interested in the area's roots are welcomed to explore what the museum has to offer. Featuring several exhibits of different focuses, guests will gain a first hand account of the everyday history.

The table below lists a few details concerning a museum you might enjoy nearby.

Museums Near Mayagüez
Name Phone Location Island
Museo Historico de Las Piedras (787) 733-2160 11.4 mi. Southeast of Central Mayagüez Puerto Rico

Historical Sites

Like learning about the historical roots of the places you visit? If that's the case, you might enjoy visiting a historical site during your stay.

Historic Sites In Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location Island
Mayaguez Memorial Historical Site (787) 834-1313 0.7 mi. Northwest of Downtown Mayaguez Puerto Rico

Natural Attractions

Mayaguez Zoo

Parque Del Litoral is one of the more popular local attractions. Much like the Centennial Olympic Park was built in Atlanta, Georgia for the Olympics, in 2009, Parque Del Litoral was built when Puerto Rico was selected to host the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Mayaguez Zoo is another local attraction that allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings. The largest zoo in Puerto Rico, the Mayaguez zoo features at least 75 different animal species spread out over about thirty exhibits. While it will not stand up against the larger zoos of the world, it provides a great educational experience and a good way to spend the day.

These examples are just a few of your options. For a more thorough discussion of natural attractions in Mayagüez, navigate to this page.


Puerto Rico Casinos

Vacationers do not generally stay in Mayagüez for its gambling opportunities, although there is one such place, Holiday Inn Mayaguez Casino. <p>If you're looking for a big win, head over to El Tropical Casino and see if you can get lucky. The elegant 9,690 square foot casino features over 382 slot machines, 11 live games tables, and two poker tables.</p>


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