Little Caesar's Mayagüez

What is your favorite pizza topping? Plain cheese? Pepperoni? Or maybe a mixture of meat and vegetables? No matter, whatever you crave, Little Caesars can make you the pie you've been craving.


The famous Little Caesar's bread sticks and pizza are hot and ready to go for anyone in a rush.

Little Caesar's Mayagüez is a popular carry out restaurant that happens to specialize in Italian cuisine. The style of the restaurant and its dishes is considered by most to be very casual. This location is open for both dinner and lunch, so make time to stop by; you could find a new favorite food.


Located on the western part of the island of Puerto Rico, It is on Grande Shopping Center. For locals and tourists who plan on spending time in Mayagüez, this dining establishment is situated to the south of the city.

Tourists can merge their dining experience with excellent sightseeing options by patronizing one of the many nearby attractions, like Parque Del Litoral.

There are a number of fairly nearby outdoor activities to enjoy after you've finished eating at Little Caesar's Mayagüez. Whether they are golfers or not, guests who visit the area could set up a tee time at the nearby golf facility, Club Depotivo del Oeste, which is located not too far from Little Caesar's Mayagüez. And don't forget the beach towels, if you run over to Cabo Rojo Beaches, which is the closest beach and is three and a half miles away. Also relatively nearby, you will find another beach and a second golf course, for those extra hours of downtime.

Nearby Restaurants

For diners hoping to find another restaurant that has some similar types of food or a similar price range, there is no shortage of nearby places to consider, including UNO Mayaguez Mall. It is located one and a quarter miles from Little Caesar's Mayagüez.

Then again, if you're in the mood for something different, this region of Puerto Rico has a wide range of restaurant options that will be sure to suit the tastes of almost every kind of diner. For example, you can try American food at McDonald's Mayaguez Mall, which is one and a quarter miles away.

Credit Cards and Other Info

A family meal from Little Caesar's will cost you less than $20.

Little Caesar's Mayagüez accepts all major credit cards.

Contact Info

Location: Grande Shopping Center, Puerto Rico

Phone: (787) 265-8888



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