Shopping in Mayagüez

As you explore the Puerto Rican town of Mayaguez, you'll find the shopping scene to be similar to many mid-sized towns in the United States.  There is a mall where you can do most of your clothing and accessories shopping in department stores and small storefronts, plus a few major chains on main roadways.  If finding a locally made product to bring home as a souvenir is important to you, there is a crafts fair in Plaza de Colon once a month. 

Specialty Shops

One of the area's more popular speciality shops is The Dive Shop. They are located in Mayagüez. Starting at Open Water Diver and going all the way through Assistant Instructor, there are 15 different PADI courses available at this location, plus they offer daily open water dives and have a well-stocked dive shop. You'll be able to find them at 100 Concordia.

Look through the following table if you want more information.

Specialty Shops In Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location
Empresas Wilmer Tacoronte Art Gallery (787) 834-4290 Mayagüez
Florist Novia Florist (787) 833-2910 Mayagüez
Floristeria Flower's Dreams Florist (787) 832-3540 Mayagüez
Floristeria Marite Florist (787) 832-3130 Mayagüez
Floristeria Poem Florist (787) 265-4402 Mayagüez
Floristeria Poppourri Florist (787) 265-8654 Mayagüez
Prestige Elegancia Al Natural Florist (787) 402-9614 Mayagüez
The Dive Shop Dive Shop (787) 833-6455 Mayagüez
V Loreto Florist (787) 831-6433 Mayagüez
Western Graphics Art Gallery (787) 265-9230 Mayagüez

Clothing and Apparel

Want to shop for some clothing? You might enjoy a visit to Strawberry Boutique -- it's located in Mayagüez. With styles for every event, Strawberry Boutique is your go-to for all of your clothing needs. Check out the cute little boutique in Mayaguez and support a local business before your night on the town. If you're looking to call ahead, you can do so at (787) 370-3116.

Another shop to consider is Motherhood Maternity -- which is located within a mile to the north-northwest of Strawberry Boutique. High end clothing that fits and flatters pregnant women can be hard to come by. But that is exactly what Motherhood Maternity specializes in. They can be found at 975 Hostos Avenue.

Another clothing shop you might enjoy is Kmart Mayagüez. At Kmart, you can get everything from groceries to clothing, and even electronics. Kmart often partners with big name celebrities to roll out lines of products, such as Sophia by Sophia Vergara.

The chart right below lists more details on the apparel shops located in Mayagüez.

Clothing and Apparel In Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location
Cristinas 268 Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 832-0645 Mayagüez
D'Els Boutique Boutique (787) 833-8130 Mayagüez
Dafener Boutique Boutique (787) 833-5595 Mayagüez
Jossie's Fashions Boutique (787) 832-3650 Mayagüez
Kmart Mayagüez Department Store -- 3.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Mayagüez
Las Gangas Incorporado Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 834-3749 Mayagüez
Lindas Modas De Yauco Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 833-0080 Mayagüez
Mati Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 831-2100 Mayagüez
Mobile Boutique Boutique (787) 265-1010 Mayagüez
Motherhood Maternity Maternity Store (787) 833-6919 0.5 mi. West of Downtown Mayaguez
Olivera Carmen Boutique (787) 834-2987 Mayagüez
Piccolini Children's and Infants' Clothing and Accessory Store (787) 832-7844 Mayagüez
Strawberry Boutique Boutique (787) 370-3116 Mayagüez
T-Shirtword T-Shirt Shop (787) 986-0077 Mayagüez
Tienda Jackie's Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 833-2570 Mayagüez

Food and Grocery

Looking for some food? Ricomini Bakery is located in Mayagüez. A popular bakery in Mayaquez, Ricomini Bakery which draws a crowd for, among other things, the Fido's Dangria, which is made with a secret recipe. Guests will be able to find them at 101 Calle Mendez Vigo.

View the following table if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In Mayagüez
Name Phone Location
Alturas Bakery (787) 834-3555 Mayagüez
Cake Design (787) 376-6628 Mayagüez
Cintron Bakery (787) 805-1470 Mayagüez
Erazo Ignacio (787) 832-9102 Mayagüez
Erik Bakery (787) 834-7788 Mayagüez
Franchris Candy Cake (787) 834-3886 Mayagüez
Guanajibo Bakery (787) 265-1759 Mayagüez
Manolo's Bakery & Restaurant (787) 986-7916 Mayagüez
Marchany Gilberto (787) 832-6708 Mayagüez
Mayaguez Bakery (787) 831-2870 Mayagüez
Milashca Bakery & Mni Market (787) 831-0216 Mayagüez
Naranjales Bakery (787) 831-5221 Mayagüez
Pan De Vida Bakery (787) 265-9600 Mayagüez
Peter's Liquor Store (787) 832-2927 Mayagüez
Ricomini Bakery (787) 832-0565 Mayagüez

Other Retail

Another 15 shops are summarized in the following table.

Other Types of Shopping In Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location
Farmacia Belmonte Drug Store (787) 831-2212 Mayagüez
Farmacia Centro Renal Drug Store (787) 831-0600 Mayagüez
Farmacia Clinica Yaguez Drug Store (787) 265-3330 Mayagüez
Farmacia De Diego Drug Store (787) 832-4200 Mayagüez
Farmacia Jomar Drug Store (787) 832-4104 Mayagüez
Farmacia La Constancia Drug Store (787) 265-4115 Mayagüez
Farmacia Luciano Drug Store (787) 834-5200 Mayagüez
Farmacia Serrano Drug Store (787) 265-2684 Mayagüez
Mayaguez Town Center Shopping Center -- 0.7 mi. Northwest of Downtown Mayaguez
Natucentro Nutrition and Body Care Store (787) 834-1588 Mayagüez
Plaza Sultana Shopping Center -- 2.1 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Sam's Club West Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters -- 3.3 mi. North-Northwest of Central Mayagüez
University Plaza Shopping Center (787) 745-4805 1.2 mi. Northwest of Downtown Mayaguez
Vista Verde Shopping Center Inc Shopping Center -- 1.3 mi. South West of Downtown Mayaguez
Western Plaza Shopping Center -- 3.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Mayagüez

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