Shopping in Mayagüez

As you explore the Puerto Rican town of Mayaguez, you'll find the shopping scene to be similar to many mid-sized towns in the United States.  There is a mall where you can do most of your clothing and accessories shopping in department stores and small storefronts, plus a few major chains on main roadways.  If finding a locally made product to bring home as a souvenir is important to you, there is a crafts fair in Plaza de Colon once a month. 

Specialty Shops

One of the more popular speciality shops in the area is Galería Éxodo. This venue is found within Rincón, in northwestern Mayagüez. For over twenty years, Galería Éxodo has been celebrating cultural diversity. This gallery showcases both internationally renowned and local artists. Guests will find them at 115 Rd. km 11.5.

Another good option is The Dive Shop, which is found within taxi range to the southeast of Galería Éxodo. Starting at Open Water Diver and going all the way through Assistant Instructor, there are 15 different PADI courses available at this location, plus they offer daily open water dives and have a well-stocked dive shop. The property can be found at 100 Concordia.

View the chart below for information concerning specialty shops in this area.

Specialty Shops Around Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location
Dreamers Flowers And Events Florist (787) 486-6836 Hormigueros, 4.4 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Florasteria Yamalys Florist (787) 826-4966 Anasco, 6.0 mi. North of Central Mayagüez
Floristeraa Aliluz Florist (787) 851-1320 Cabo Rojo, 7.9 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Floristeria Flower's Dreams Florist (787) 832-3540 Mayagüez
Floristeria Marite Florist (787) 832-3130 Mayagüez
Galería Éxodo Art Gallery (787) 823-2235 Rincón, 10.8 mi. Northwest of Central Mayagüez
New Hobby Snack Hobbies (787) 254-2035 Cabo Rojo, 7.9 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
The Dive Shop Dive Shop (787) 833-6455 Mayagüez

Clothing and Apparel

Want to shop for some clothing? Perhaps you would enjoy Strawberry Boutique -- it's located in Mayagüez. With styles for every event, Strawberry Boutique is your go-to for all of your clothing needs. Check out the cute little boutique in Mayaguez and support a local business before your night on the town. If you are looking for something specific and want to call ahead of time, do so at (787) 370-3116.

Another shop to consider is Marianne Mayagüez Mall -- which is found 3.0 mi. (4.9 km) away from Strawberry Boutique. The women's clothing, available in both regular and plus sizes, somehow manages to be bold and sophisticated, fresh and clean, all at once. Also for sale are shoes, accessories, and lingerie. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (787) 832-4850.

A third apparel shop you might enjoy is Kmart Mayagüez. At Kmart, you can get everything from groceries to clothing, and even electronics. Kmart often partners with big name celebrities to roll out lines of products, such as Sophia by Sophia Vergara.

The following table offers some key facts regarding the apparel shops located in or near Mayagüez.

Clothing and Apparel Around Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location
Claire's Mayagüez Boutique (787) 265-3966 3.0 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Dafener Boutique Boutique (787) 833-5595 Mayagüez
Hot Topic Mayaguez Mall General Clothing Store (787) 265-2672 3.0 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
J C Penney Of Puerto Rico Department Store (787) 265-8088 3.0 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Kmart Mayagüez Department Store -- 3.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Mayagüez
Marianne Mayagüez Mall Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 832-4850 3.0 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Mobile Boutique Boutique (787) 265-1010 Mayagüez
Rainbow Mayagüez Mall Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 833-3848 3.0 mi. South of Central Mayagüez
Strawberry Boutique Boutique (787) 370-3116 Mayagüez

Food and Grocery

Got the munchies? Ricomini Bakery is located in Mayagüez. Typically bakery offerings are found at Ricomini, including tres leches, sandwiches, flan, and a favorite, the brazo gitano. They're located at 101 Calle Mendez Vigo.

Review this table to learn more.

Food and Grocery Stores In Mayagüez
Name Type Phone Location
Alturas Bakery Bakery (787) 834-3555 Mayagüez
Antique Bakery Bakery (787) 265-1191 Mayagüez
De Diego Bakery Bakery (787) 833-1930 Mayagüez
De Diego's Bakery Bakery (787) 834-3763 Mayagüez
Erik Bakery Bakery (787) 834-7788 Mayagüez
La Nueva Bakery Bakery (787) 832-2420 Mayagüez
Naranjales Bakery Bakery (787) 831-5221 Mayagüez
Natucentro Nutrition and Body Care Store (787) 834-1588 Mayagüez
Pan De Vida Bakery Bakery (787) 265-9600 Mayagüez
Panaderia La Sorpresa Bakery (787) 832-6617 Mayagüez
Peter's Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 832-2927 Mayagüez
Ricomini Bakery Bakery (787) 832-0565 Mayagüez
Velez Self Services Grocery Store (787) 834-7522 Mayagüez

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