Transportation Options for Mayagüez

As an official Port of Entry, there are plenty of transportation options available in Mayaguez

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In recent years Mayagüez has begun to flourish as a thriving tourist destination. Located almost 100 miles west of San Juan, the town has plenty to recommend it including the second largest harbor on the island, the unique college-town culture, and a recent revitalization that came when the town hosted the 2010 Caribbean and Central American Games. In order to soak up all that this coastal town has to offer, you should begin making transportation arrangements as soon as you can to ensure you get the transport you desire.

Getting There

As one of Puerto Rico's official ports of entry, there are plenty of options that will get you directly into Mayagüez. There is an airport and a marina within city limits which will allow tourists to sail or fly, but the San Juan Cruise Port also makes it possible for tourists to cruise to Puerto Rico then travel to Mayagüez for their day on land.

Getting Around

Several forms of ground transportation make getting around Mayagüez easy. Options include renting a car, hiring a taxi, and hailing a publico, one of the island's more unique forms of transportation.

Air Travel

The first leg of your journey to Mayagüez will take you to the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Isla Verde near San Juan. This is the main hub for international travel on the island, and almost every tourist who flies to the island will land here as their originating point of arrival. From there, tourists can drive the two to three hours to Mayagüez, or fly to the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport aboard a small domestic flight. Hostos Airport is located about three miles outside of the business district of Mayagüez, making this a great option for tourists – especially those who have no desire to rent a car during their getaway. Learn more about the entire process of flying to this destination by clicking here.


There is a lot to recommend the port in Mayaguez, despite the fact that it grows more commercial every year. The bay is well protected, making sailing easy, the provisioning is excellent, and customs is easily reached. If your travel plans include a stop in Mayaguez, click here for more details.


The San Juan Cruise Port is one of the busiest in the Caribbean, with dozens of well-known names in the cruise industry making port there each week during the height of cruise season. This includes Carnival, Disney, Cunard, Holland America, and many more. Although the distance from San Juan to Mayagüez makes this a difficult spot for cruisers to visit via car for the short time they are on land, the fact that there is an airport in town makes it a more viable option.

Rental Cars

...navigate those back roads...


With so much to see and do in Mayagüez, it makes sense that renting a car is a popular option amongst tourists. If you're planning to rent during your stay, you'll need to make sure you have a valid driver's license ad that you are aged over 21. The cost to rent is between $40 and $70(USD) a day, plus taxes, fees, and the optional insurance, but the biggest factor with regards to cost will be which type of vehicle you rent. If you'll stick to the city for most of your travels, renting a standard sedan will work just fine, but if you're on an eco-adventure, you'll absolutely want a sports utility vehicle to help you navigate those back roads that are less traveled. Learn more here.


Each town in Puerto Rico operates things just a little bit differently than the next. In San Juan, rates are set in advance. In most other towns, there is a meter in each cab, but in Mayagüez, cabs are unmetered. This means you'll have to discuss the cost with your driver before taking off and settle on a price you both agree is fair. For example, most end up paying about $7(USD) from the airport to downtown.


Publicos are a form of transportation that many equate to a fixed-route taxi, or a more intimate bus. These vehicles usually roam around in the form of a van or mini bus, offering pedestrians a ride to any spot along their route. These vehicles are not private, so you'll likely get on and wait until every seat is taken before the driver will take off, or if no other people are around to hop on, your driver may stop and pick up others along the way. Most people agree that the savings are worth what others would call an inconvenience, as a trip costs just $1.50(USD) per person. If you don't know what you're looking for, publicos can be hard to spot because they can easily blend in with other vans on the street. Just check for a yellow license plate with the letter "P" at the start of the tag.

With so many options it is important to take the time and review each form of transportation before you begin finalizing your plans. You never know if a new possibility will end up being the one you choose to help you get around during your trip to Mayagüez.


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