Taxis in Miches

Motoconchos outrank taxis in Miches

As a destination in the Dominican Republic that does not so readily cater to tourists, finding transportation in Miches can be a difficult task.  While you can hire a taxi to take you into town, it is much harder to find one driving within the city limits.  There is another form of transportation that locals and visitors can rely on, however, and that is the motoconcho.  

Taxi Companies

Don't walk out onto the streets of Miches and expect to be able to hail a cab, it simply won't happen.  If you need a ride here, there are two options.  You can call ahead and hope that a driver is available to pick you up, or you can flag down a motoconcho.  Motoconchos are motorcycle taxis.  Known for their low prices, and the driver's ability to somehow fit up to five passengers on the back of their bike, motoconchos are the most popular form of transportation among those that do not rent a car in Miches.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The best thing about motoconchos is the low cost. For just $0.50(USD) per person, plus a tip, you can get anywhere in Miches.  It is impossible to get a regular taxi for anywhere near that prices anywhere in the country, let alone in Miches.  

If you are considering taking a taxi into Miches from another surrounding city, make sure you are aware of the cost before you accept a ride.  Prices can add up quickly when you are traveling a great distance.  

The table below provides typical cab fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Miches
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 160.00 Punta Cana Miches

Taxis may be hard to come by in Miches, but motoconchos pick up the slack.  If you are an adventurous spirit, this is the perfect opportunity to zip around an island town and see the sites as the wind flows through your hair and the sun shines down on your arms. 


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