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Despite being the largest island in Turks and Caicos, Middle Caicos is actually the least populated.  Still, thanks to the multitude of activities and attractions the island is known for, it is not uncommon for there to be more tourists on the island than residents at any given time.  Finding a place to stay is easier than you might imagine, with a collection of privately owned villas all built in the sand available, as well as a resort which takes up 50 acres of space and provides the most luxurious amenities around.  

Hotels Near Middle Caicos

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Visitors looking to book their stay near Middle Caicos should consider opportunities like Pelican Beach Hotel. A quiet destination right on the beach, this hotel is a diamond on an island full of gems. If you are looking to call in advance, do so at (877) 774-5486.

Hotels Near Middle Caicos
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Pelican Beach Hotel Guest house (877) 774-5486


2.6 mi. Northwest of Central Boton North Caicos

Condos and Villa Complexes

Hollywood Beach Suites

There are non-standard hotel lodging options on and near Middle Caicos, which include a condominium building and a nice variety of villa complexes. Read more details regarding each property by clicking on their names.

Those wanting to book their stay on Middle Caicos should consider opportunities like Blue Horizon Resort. The accommodations here are a set of cottages and villas featuring bright, island-style decor and paved paths to the beach. The property is located on Main Road.

A property on the water's edge that is worth considering is Caicos Beach Condominiums. Get away from it all when you choose the Caiscos Beach Condominiums. Located on a gentle stretch of sand that gives guests the feeling that they are the only people on earth to have ever made it to this section of the island. Enjoy privacy and seclusion at Ocean Beach Hotel. They are located on Drake Court.

Another good choice to consider will be Hollywood Beach Suites. Comfort comes first at Hollywood Beach Suites where there are a handful of luxurious suites that are equipped with homelike amenities.They also sit right along the beach and has a stunning view of the water. Each suite is equipped for 2 adults and allow a maximum of 2 children per suite. To talk to them, call (649) 231-1020.

Middle Caicos is home to other villa complexes. For more in-depth coverage of this specific topic, go to this guide to villa complexes around Middle Caicos.

You can see all the various accommodations located around Turks and Caicos by clicking here.

Individual Villas

Some vacationers would rather have the seclusion offered by one of the privately rented villas. Use this link to check out our page concerning rental properties within reach of Middle Caicos.


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