Traveling to Middle Caicos by Airplane

The airport on Middle Caicos only welcomes local air carriers

Also known as Grand Caicos, Middle Caicos is the largest island in the Turks and Caicos chain. With miles of underdeveloped land to explore, visitors here are able to easily see why this spot was chosen as the prime settlement for the Lucayan people hundreds of years ago.

The Middle Caicos Airport simply does not live up to the island's large status. It is little more than a small air strip that only welcomes traffic from the much larger Providenciales International Airport in Providenciales. This airport, which is spacious and modern, sees air traffic from around the world, with large commercial airlines like Air Canada, American Airlines, WestJet, and Jet Blue. If you live near a big city like Miami, New York, or Montreal, you'll likely be able to book a direct flight to this airport, but all others will be subject to a connection in any of these cities or somewhere in the Caribbean like the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Once you've arrived on Providenciales, you'll board a plane with local airlines Intercaribbean Airways or Caicos Express Airways which will get you the rest of the way to Middle Caicos. Hiring a private charter is a possibility as well.

TCI Ferry

If you'd like to avoid boarding yet another plane, you can take the more scenic route and travel aboard a local ferry from Providenciales to North Caicos for between $25 and $40(USD). From there, you can rent a car and drive across the Causeway to Middle Caicos.

Flying to Middle Caicos from the Caribbean


Everyone who visits Turks and Caicos from another country will have to take a walk through customs in order to gain entry to the islands. You'll do so when you arrive on Providenciales, and there along with the possibility of having your person and your luggage searched, you'll need to present a passport. Visitors from Canada will only need an original copy of their birth certificate as well as a government issued photo ID card as long as they are flying directly from Canada.

An island filled with history and natural beauty awaits you when you plan a visit to Middle Caicos. Take the time to plan your air travel with your full attention to ensure you arrange flights that match up time wise, meet your budgetary needs, and even fit into your personal schedule so you avoid any headaches later on. If you do that, the first stop along the way will be an easy one.

Be sure to look at this next chart to help you call one of the regional air charter services.

Charter Operators
Name Phone Location Island
Caicos Express Airways (649) 941-5730 Providenciales International Airport - Five Cays Settlements Providenciales
Intercaribbean Airways at PLS (649) 331-3404 Providenciales International Airport - Five Cays Settlements Providenciales
Pineapple Air at AXP (242) 432-2024 Spring Point Airport - Acklins Island Acklins Island

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